10 fascinating online collections at the New York Public Library

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Library, the old internet.


I was a bit dissapointed, I thought these would be NYPL collections that they’d digitised and made available online, rather than resources they subscribe to that are available to their members. Still, Public Libraries yey!

EEBO is the bane of my existence where I work. You know what’s awesome for a STEM school library? Having 150,000 early English books, most of which have titles that are dozens of words long, that are almost certain to float to the top of the search results on ANY query!

It’s a not-so-secret secret goal of mine to get these shadowed from the catalog; if people need them they can go straight to the database.

Anybody know how it might be possible for a hillbilly from Little White Shithole to get that online library card without moving there? I don’t even keep a library card for Shithole because

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??? one librarian is the hacker daughter of a proven embezzler. Don’t want to give that one any excuses.

Can anyone explain the exact click-path to get to a movie script? I went to the library website and searched but every click simply seems to follow a circular path back to the main film script page.

I’ve had the best luck in finding screenplays/transcripts from television and movies by searching duckduckgo.com using the title in quotes followed by the word “transcript”.

Good luck!

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Thanks. That worked and I found a boatload of scripts to browse.


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