10 totally insane videos of handmade rubber band guns


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* Probably best not to be waved around in public.

** Really a bad idea if waved around by a minority in public near a police officer.

*** Really nice craftsmanship.


Holy hell they have the look of really fine children’s toys… but totally detailed automatic weapons! It’s like chocolate swastikas or something.


fully sik mate


Nice work. I’ve seen various laser cut kits out there, but nothing like that.

Reminds me of this guy who used to make 1:1 scale wood models of 1911s.


Wow, that’s some real woodworking skill. I like the ingenuity of having to create new mechanisms that don’t quite function like they would in a real gun.

It also strongly reminds me of the work of this guy, although his contraptions are much more lethal:


These are really quite neat, being as accurate as they are within the medium.

Broomhandle Mauser, 1911, Luger, M11 more are all recognizable.


I don’t always carry, but when I do…
southern pine [riff on the medieval mandolines and lutes also liked on the channel]
a minority police officer cracks me by up staying drawing distance away
(and I should complete this by saying ‘with a rubber yotoden’ or something.)


Oh snap yeah! The work isn’t all parabellum1262’s, but the mechanisms in Stealth The Unknown (burst mechanisms) included in the channel are going to make some redstone and/or modeling wizards.

No giant flying syringe firing platforms in there, but there’s a thing that fires a 7 cc syringe. Some kind of end-of-summer instrumentality of mosquitokind there, maybe?


Serial killer and murder-mystery themed bento box meals more like. Maybe just a series of Angela Lansbury And Benedict Cumberbatch Suspect All That keitai-mono.


pro tip: paint black if you want to get shot by the police.


I always thought it would be hilarious to take an actual gun, spray-paint it neon green, and put one of those orange plastic “safety” plugs in the barrel.


Yourself or the gun? Surely both are not necessary.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Its funny because it is horribly true…


So why were they making such a big deal out of 3D printed guns, when anyone with a tree can whittle one?


Georg is one of my favourite YouTube people. He’s such a cheery German.


We need more gunsmithing videos. With metal preferable to wood.


Link please!


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