100 instruments on the 'Careless Whisper' lick, except for the sax

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No Theramin? psh…and he calls himself a musician :smiley:

That was impressive. I bet George would be proud.


Interesting to hear the early music instruments (recorders, crumhorns, etc) with different (non even) temperaments compared to the modern western instruments.


I was expecting a Glass Armonica, or at least wine glasses. But he is amazingly talented…I would be happy to play any one of those instruments that well.

I love the way some of the instruments sounded like they should’ve been the ones used, and almost are now, in my memory.

Reminds me of this song, which the first a few times I heard casually. Then when recalling it afterward, I thought it had a string section. It doesn’t - the “strings” all done with brass.


The Hulusi reminds me of an instrument described in a Science-Fiction story. Can’t think of the name of the story/series right now but when played it gave off visualizations in everyone’s mind.

I guess you mean the Visi-Sonor played by the Mule in one of Asimov’s Foundation books?

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Right concept but wrong instrument. It may have been in a ‘Stainless Steel Rat’ book or short story. I recall it involved reeds or a reed.

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