100 US Mayors sign a pledge to boycott ISPs that commit Net Neutrality violations

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Uh, so they’re going to live without internet access? It’s not like you’re going to have a choice.




No, they’re going to invite bids. Watch how fast monopolists cave in the face of actual competition.


How about state level laws that just say that access to public rights of way are predicated on being a utility? If you’re not behaving as a utility, you get to negotiate right of way access with each county and municipality in the state separately, and each can set their own conditions for access.


This is totally pointless. Most US citizens have a choice of exactly ONE ISP. Lobbyist money has taken care of that. Your lawmakers are bought and paid for, just for situations like this.

And no, they won’t compete with each other. Not out of respect. Their territories are divided up like countries, and competing would be like starting a war.

Yes, that war would benefit consumers, but that has never been the goal of big telecom.


Beside the point, that is one shit-eating grin right there. Yessiree-bob.


Not enough.

ISP’s have to be at risk of forfeiting their local distribution network hardware and lines if they break Net Neutrality for customers within the jurisdiction.


Right, but with a guaranteed market provided by state and city, that the large incumbents have written themselves out of courtesy of 'donations to Pai, then small-scale ISPs like Columbia Internet have room to breathe again.

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how do you boycott a company youre already in contract with?

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They should be building networks for their citizens and agencies with net neutral backbone providers. Most deals are locked in for a certain amount of time, so a “boycott” would only take effect months, years or big dollars later - by which time the competitors may be letting net neutrality slip in order to compete with the ISP the city had contracted with in the first place.

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