14 gift deals to jump on before Green Monday arrives

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I think I’ll wait for Blue Monday


Come on, everyone (that is, every proper Orthodox Christian) knows that Green Monday, aka Clean Monday, is the first day of Lent, where you have a big vegetarian feast to cleanse yourself ahead of the coming fast.

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Tap tap tap tap taptaptaptaptaptsp
Tap tap tap tap taptaptaptaptaptsp

I’m sorry, but you could not pay me to hang Say Cheese anywhere in my house.


I’m Canadian. Not only is there still Boxing Day left to come, but every Canadian knows that just because you didn’t get it for Christmas doesn’t mean that you won’t get it for Boxing Day.

Green monday? News to me.

Fuck new shopping holidays. We have enough.


$12.50 for a crack pipe?!

For tobacco use only

Wink Wink Nudge Nudge


Drink a hot cup of black sludge while looking at Uranus.

If you’re taking your gadgets camping, you’re doing camping wrong.

Launch projectiles with the power of your own voice.

I always run while flashing.

Code does not work for the running shoes light

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