14 self-portraits by Picasso from ages 15 to 90


This would explain why children, animals and modern artists output similar products.

Jokes aside - I think you have described to me modern art in a way that resonates. It only took 45 years to get to this point, but I now have a sense of closure. Seriously.


What happened was photography. Once you have photographs painters are relieved of the pressure to produce realism and representation.


The surprisingly excellent Columbus Museum of Art recently switched to thematic rooms, rather than the usual galleries of Old Masters with the Modern Art down the hall somewhere; now a room might be “Life in the City” or something, where works by Whistler, Renoir, Picasso, and Jasper Johns are all hanging side by side. It’s fascinating how much the experience of appreciating art improves when styles and time periods aren’t segregated. It feels like different artists deliberately expressing the same kinds of ideas but in different ways, rather than devolving.


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