16 year old Canadian arrested for over 30 "swattings"


Christ, what an asshole!


See something, tweet something!
So simple even a teenager can do it…

Jesus Christ, what a little turd.

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In the United States filing a wrongful police complaint is a big no no. There are some nasty consequence, nasty not devastating.
If he is old enough to know how much trouble sending the cops to someones house can cause that person, he is old enough to be punished.

Maybe he should have to pay the wages of all the responders for the time they were attending his bogus claims.

In the Portland Oregon a city cop gets about $40 an hour plus benefits. If they sent an entire SWAT team to these things he will need to mow a lot of yards to pay for it.

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To be perfectly fair, I was an asshole when I was 16. We didn’t have SWAT teams in every little town back then, but we had the Anarchist Cookbook.

One charge of Attempted Murder per Swatting should suffice.


Brian Krebs publicly naming the 16-year-old is a bit much. When a minor is charged in Canada, it’s my understanding that naming them is illegal.

I suppose Krebs doesn’t have to follow that, but Boing Boing does (though I’m not sure what the rule is on the press linking to someone who names a minor).

Maybe a more systemic problem here is SWAT teams responding to random anonymous tips at the drop of a dime. Imagine if the real military that these guys are so eager to halfassedly imitate worked that way: “Hello, 101st Airborne? I want to report a division of Wehrmacht waving guns around and taking prisoners in, uh, Watford.”

How about sending a regular squad car or two to scope out the situation before committing forces?


Every time someone uses that phrase, it should be accompanied by an appropriate image reflecting the meme.

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Screw that. Old enough to pull some adult grade bullshittery, old enough to get called out on it. This isn’t a rape victim or anything. It’s a vile sociopath.

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Is that your official diagnosis?

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I’ve seen like dozens of episodes of CSI and Criminal Minds, etc. I think I am qualified to make that statement.

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If I did anything close to that as a kid, 30 swattings would be a start :stuck_out_tongue:

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