17-year-old plays side two of Abbey Road with various instruments


Delightful, fun, and heartwarming.

I dare predict we will hear a LOT more from this young man :smile:

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Is Abbey Road the last Beatles album the same way there was never a sequel to The Matrix, or am I missing something?

In a similar vein Tubular Bells For 2 is great fun.

It was the last Beatles album to be recorded. The Beatles began work on let it be before Abbey Road but did not finish the album, it was scrapped and later “saved” by remixing from the unfinished sessions after the Beatles broke up.


Good to see the younger generation appreciates some REAL music.

That kid has a pretty awesome collection of instruments. And the skills to go with 'em!

Very talented. Please, don’t sign with a label.

True that. I’m actually mad I never imagined how cool She came in through the bathroom window could sound with an ukelele.

Yo dawg, I’mma let you finish, but dismissing music other than your favorite as not being “real” is kind of elitist, even if it turns out you’re “just joking”.

Go broaden your horizons - listen to something you’d normally never listen to, like some traditional Japanese Enka; or some of the many shades of South African Zef hip hop; or the irresistable insanity of Gypsy Punk; or the haunting ferocity of traditional Faroese vocals; or the addictive electronic stuttering of Glitch; or any of countless genre-defying examples of what I can only refer to as “The Living-Retro”; or maybe just take a ride on the weird side of youtube.

The Beatles are great, but sticking them on a pedestal and worshipping at their feet only blinds you to the thousands and thousands of amazing artists out there, just waiting to be discovered.

So remember… Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time…one of the best videos of all time!


Wow, this kid is awesome. That is one creative mind he’s got.

Don’t sign with a label? Why? Has “Musicians shouldn’t make a living” become so pervasive that people are actively trying to skewer the careers of talented people instead of just consuming their content for free?

I’m guessing you mean “don’t sell out to a major conglomerate”, which is all fine and dandy. Truly eschewing all labels means that he not only has to be a talented musician, but now he needs to understand marketing, distribution, contract drafting and negotiation, and a host of other skills that don’t have to do with actually making the content we enjoy.

Disclaimer; I’m a musician who just signed to a label. It’s an ‘e-label’, has no offices, takes no cut of sales, and fully supports my desire to keep giving my music away for free. Don’t paint all labels with the same brush.


I didn’t know this. I wonder if this is related to a bootleg record I have of sessions from Let It Be. Do you know if LiB sessions were bootlegged before the album was released for fans who thought it would never be released? my plate might be rarer than I imagined.

Back in my day, you only needed ONE instrument to play side two of Abey Road. It was the same one you used to play side one. (wait for it…) All you needed to do was flip the LP over.

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Remember your words when your 50 or 60+ about the NEW music coming out and someone remembers your old school mixes. Or if you are 50+ be kind too the younger gens.

I’m confused. Are you trying to excuse narrowmindedness in the present by claiming that everyone inevitably becomes equally narrowminded in their eventual futures?

See, that’s a self fulfilling prophecy that only works if we listen to your argument. :wink:


Let it Be wasn’t bootlegged before the official album came out, but there are A LOT of Let it Be period bootlegs, mostly because so many of their rehearsals and jams were being filmed and tracked at the time for the intended movie. Some bootleg companies have put out big boxed sets of “complete” (is it ever really?) Let it Be sessions, but I can’t get into a lot of it myself. George doesn’t want to be there, RIngo looks bummed out most of the time, John was out of it, possibly due to heroin, but at least due to Yoko, and his head was somewhere else. Poor Paul is trying to be the trooper and cheerleader, working hard to inject energy into things. You can tell he really didn’t want the band to fall apart the way it was, but I digress.


Pretty much. When we approach the 50 year mark, exploring new music is not always essential and there is a clinging to the past that shaped growing to be 50. You can say I am wrong I don’t mind. Would not be the first time.

I don’t care for Boyance or Kayne or any of those younger no talent Agency products who never wrote their own music or lyrics.

Nothing is inevitable. If people become stodgy and short-sighted as they grow old, it’s not because that’s simply the way of things, or because fate made it so. It’s because they slowly let themselves develop bad habits and cultivate negative thinking. It’s because they closed off their minds to new experiences, for any number of reasons.

Not everyone who grows old grows crotchety - you can find proof of that easily enough. Your assumption is just as inaccurate and foolish as claiming that people are innately wicked, or any other sweeping statement of that sort. That sort of thought is the tool of racists and sexists and bigots and cowards of every order, and it’s been refuted time and again by people who choose to look beyond the boundaries of their own little corner pocket of the world.

For the record, I’m not a fan of Beyonce or Kanye. Their musical styles and their images simply aren’t to my tastes. (Although, I actually think Kanye is a skilled performer and some of his work is quite impressive - I just don’t care for the baggage that comes with it in the form of his personal behavior.) But I’ve actually gone and listened to their work. Turned out it wasn’t for me, but I at least gave it a chance and kept an open mind. That’s all I ask of anyone.

The Beatles are great. They helped me see new facets of the world when I was younger and listening to them for the first time, and I still enjoy revisting them every now and again, but there are other facets of the world out there waiting that I want to see as well. I could never be content just listening to the same Beatles albums over and over again for the rest of my life. I want to hear other music, other stories, other bits and pieces of lives I don’t live and places I’ve never been.

There is only one constant in this world - change. Finding things you love and sharing them with people is all well and good, but the world keeps changing, and if you worship your one musical idol at the expense of actually getting out and experiencing the world, then you know nothing of it and are not a part of it. You’re living in your little bubble of the past, clinging to memory, letting the world pass you by.

He’s a real Nowhere Man
Sitting in his Nowhere Land
Making all his Nowhere Plans
For Nobody

Doesn’t have a point of view
Knows not where he’s going to
Isn’t he a bit like you
And me?

Nowhere Man, please listen
You don’t know, what you’re missing
Nowhere Man, the world is at your command

He’s as blind as he can be
Just sees what he wants to see
Nowhere Man can you see me at all?

Nowhere Man, don’t worry
Take your time, don’t hurry
Leave it all till somebody else lends you a hand


I hit a nerve. I do appreciate your effort too reply. Not everyone who hits over 50 is a codger but I guess I am settling into that format. The “No where man” could be about our fathers until we become our father. Hang in there and in your mid’s 50’s let me know how proactive you still feel.

I always thought John Lennon’s song “Imagine” was about communism.