1908 Gibson style U guitar in amazing shape

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Not a “Gibson style U guitar” but a “Gibson U guitar”.

Saying “style” makes us think it may be a fake. The text appears to suggest it is a genuine Gibson.


Gandalf plays an instrument like that in one episode of Star Wars.


The episode with the Daleks?


Yeah, the one where Hermione is revealed as one of the new model Dalek skin-jobs.


Dude, spoilers!


Certain vintage instruments are not really worth owning for a musician-- they need to be pampered and insured, and you’d be afraid to even play them lest you accidentally damage them.

Give me a “player’s instrument” any day.

Depends on the instrument. Violins are often more than a hundred years old and are used often. There must be other old instruments that see regular use i’m sure but i do believe there’s a few studies out there backing up the point that current day well made instruments sound just as good as anything old.

Lots of Martins and Gibsons.

Yeah, I know what you mean, but I think you’re missing my point-- vintage acoustic guitars I’ve owned that were dead mint I was afraid to take to gigs, parties, etc. for fear of taking value out of them, whereas beat up vintage acoustics I had no qualms about them getting more beat up. However they also still need to be pampered: humidified so cracks don’t open up in winter, and even with good care they seem to need a neck reset every ten years or so (which can be half the value of the instrument sometimes.)

I’m not saying they are better or worse instruments, just that the “vintage” value is a burden from my point of view.

Yeah i was aware of your point :slight_smile: i think it comes down to who may be using a given instrument and why. For a world class performer using an insanely old and expensive instrument may not be a big deal, for the average rocker playing on an old instrument may be worth it… maybe. But when i doubt i guess just get a beater you don’t give a shit about :smiley:

Yep. This one comes to mind:

I argue with a friend of mine about this regularly. He will blather on and on about vintage Strats and Teles, vintage Martins and Guilds, what kind of wood is ideal for a solid body guitar, and I argue back that I bet he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference sound-wise in the dark.

When I hear some pro guitarist going on about how his '59 Gibson Les Paul has such a different sound than his '66 Les Paul I just imagine the people in the audience-- how many of them can tell the difference, live or on recordings, and if there is a difference does it matter that much?

Whenever I hear the phrase “guitar addiction syndrome” (also called “gear acquisition syndrome”) I think of this guy:

And whenever I see this photo I feel a sudden urge to punch him in the face with a roll of quarters in my fist.

(serenity now. . . serenity now. . . )

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Gibson style…or, like Gibson style?

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