1920s footage of one of the world's oldest surviving roller coasters

It was rickety and noisy. The first drop made the whole ride worth it for me, though I thought my daughter would need therapy.

Yup, I am aware.


My mom was a big fan of an old wooden roller coaster who lived near Lake St Clair, on Jefferson Ave at 9 Mile in St Clair Shores, Mich. She spent so much time boating with her parents, and hanging around the marinas, she became friends w/the guys who worked at the amusement park. They let her walk/run the track while the park was closed, which frankly terrified her when she told the story as an adult :smiley:

Oh, man. Fond memories.

My grad school program had a picnic at Kennywood. Summer of 1996, maybe?

My friends and I rode a bunch of the wood coasters, including the Jackrabbit. I remember getting knocked around a lot.

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One of my top five time machine fantasies is a ride on this.

Im surprised at how good the stabilization is on the camera that was being used to film this.

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