1930 stop-motion movie of a metal-eating bird




How many people will have to look up the word ‘flivver’?


The car growing at the end was really impressive!

Sometimes it hurts my head to think of the amount of effort needed to make stop motion like this.


Agreed. If this was done on a computer, it would be boring, even if it was an Arduino.

Wow! Thanks, Mark.


So THAT’S what a rust monster sounds like.


wow, that was amazing! i’ve done some basic stop motion and i can say that whomever did this blew my mind. :slight_smile:


Having done a little production (and mechanics) in my day, I’m assuming whittling down the fabric, rather than building it up – then reversing the direction of the negative – would be one way they might have made it easier on themselves. It’s always faster and easier to destroy a prop than it is to build one up.

Look on the bright side Mr. Mechanic, maybe in twenty years you can persuade him to hatch a Ferrari.




it heats the egg on a small kerosene heater. These were often called brooder heaters.


This guy would have done a much better job on Transformers than Michael Bay.





A grip.


Is it OK to point out, that as with Eagle insurance, boy birds don’t lay eggs?

The film is an amazing achievement.


The whole 7 minute film is here:

It starts with a wise cracking woyrm tormenting and capturing the bird for the guy, just because he asked.


Something of the early David Lynch here.


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