2-dimensional police car in Dubai


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3D police car.in Dubai faster!


In Austria there are 2-dimensional police men.


I heartily approve! Plenty of places will park a police cruiser where they want traffic to slow down. By the time a driver sees there’s no cop inside, he’s already slowed down. This innovation will save local government the price of a police car, which I assume is not small.


Till a few days later when everyone has it figured out and the rednecks start taking pot shots at it.


Around my neck of the woods they place dressed dummies in the cars. It works well for a portion of the day but then the jig is up once drivers get wise. Then the car is moved to another location.[quote=“TobinL, post:5, topic:97002”]
the rednecks start taking pot shots at it

As if deer crossing signs aren’t entertaining enough.


Ah, I was expecting something like this:


check out these 1-dimensional police cars

___ _______ ___ . ___ _______ ___ . ___ _______ ___


Unless it gets stolen.


Unless it gets stolen.

have to be stolen a couple dozen times


It’s actually an Abu Dhabi police car. Same country, different Emirate


I don’t get it. They turned a grey Tesla into a yellow Tesla. Looks nice, but the 2-d effect is completely lost on me.


And in Singapore, too:

These guys are everywhere. I can’t begin to explain how much effort it takes me to resist the urge to return the high five every time I see one of them.


São Paulo / Brasil



Why resist?

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