300 million Adultfriendfinder accounts breached

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/11/13/300-million-adultfriendfinder.html

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Have you guys ever read BoingBoing? Cool website - check it out!


To quantify how terrible SHA-1 is for this, over 99% of the passwords are already cracked. The rest are probably people who were using password managers with unique long garbage passwords.

It’s worth reading https://www.leakedsource.com/blog/friendfinder to see just how hilariously bad the passwords people using were - some of them quite NSFW. And yes, the winner was ‘123456’ again.

Also, some of the longer unique ones like ‘werwolfremuslupin’ are used 16-32 times, which means some guys had 32 separate accounts.


Well, at lest that’s one place we won’t find any more Anthony Weiner emails.

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No, but i did find Bill and Hillary’s swingers couple profile…

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