3D Printed Boat Race


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they’re letting us riff-raff post under the “Boing” category again, I see.

did you compete or spectate?


Reminds me of the Pinewood Derby.


Wish I could have spectated, but mostly just love the idea! We’ve got a couple 3d printers at our hackerspace, but I’ve found that they don’t get enough creative use after newbies print off a few trinkets from thingiverse. This looks like a fun way to focus people … I’ve seen it work for the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Race.


I visualized the entire race being printed on the fly, but I’ve been misreading post headlines all day.


That would be seriously cool!! Maybe not a boat race, but a competition where everyone starts with a warm 3d printer and have to print their vehicle before racing it. It would be a trade off between build-time and reliability – a sturdy design wouldn’t win if it took forever to build; likewise, a fast-built design might fail spectacularly during the race portion.


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