4chan's trumpist trolls are exploiting the Ghost Ship fire to narc out other DIY venues


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/01/05/4chans-trumpist-trolls-are-e.html


What the fuck is wrong with people?

Christ, what assholes.


The world is changing and they don’t like it. They “think” if they yell long enough, the world will change just for them. They don’t realize they have already lost.


I am confident these compassionate Nazis would be horrified if a hundred POC burned to death. However, I do not think BLM holds its secret kill-whitey meetings during dance parties. It’s too hard to hear the gavel over the sound of people having fun.


Notable here is that this is the first time I’ve seen “Trumpist” in a BoingBoing headline where it was actually appropriate.

(Assholes have been running countries for years before Trump was any kind of real presence. At some point loading all of the world’s shitty authoritarian leadership on a guy who hasn’t even take office yet stops being cute and just gets tedious. And guarantees such words will be ignored as meaningless by the time they actually mean something.)


How ironic that they’re using the same system of government regulations that they’d like to do away with to hurt their perceived enemies. Zero self awareness and 100% dickishness - just like their Trumpelthinskin hero.


A great illustration of the kind of spiteful and paranoid fool that alt-right movements attract. These morons think that these squatter venues being “open hotbeds of liberal radicalism” is a bigger problem than the places being actual firetraps.


These fine people need a snappy uniform so right thinking people can show them the respect they deserve. Brown shirts and black jackboots, perhaps.


I don’t share your confidence that they would be horrified. In fact, I suspect that if a hundred POC had burned to death, most of the SS would call it “a good start”.


Don’t I wish.

Irony means nothing to these people. They have no principles, so they don’t expect to be held to the same standard, or any standard. They just use standards as a way of being dickish to other people.

That’s praising with faint damnation. These are total losers, the dregs of society. Calling them the SS makes them seem like something, when in actuality they are totally nothing.


I read it as sarcasm.


Granted these are illegal unlicensed locations. The reasoning for exposing them and getting the venues closed is definitely racially and politically motivated. I’m torn on it because the locations should be doing things by the book, but obviously this comes down to poor communities just not having the resources available to meet people’s needs and having to work around the system.

Screw these trolls though, what the hell man.


I’m thinking that this is probably alt-right assholes trying to take credit for something that they have little to nothing to do with. The enforcement of fire safety regulations (heck any safety regs) typically follows a saw-tooth curve… Things slowly become more and more lax over time. “We’re not hurting anybody,” and “Don’t sweat all the stupid little rules,” until just after a loss of life fire and then authorities start enforcing ALL the rules. Those rules? They’re all the result lessons learned after EARLIER fires, many of them fatal.


I’m just surprised it took them [tRumpists] this long to use a tragedy as a weapon.


The world has already been different and they never liked it.



You forgot the “HEIL” there, but that’s pretty accurate.


It’s a ghost note in their Sprechgesang.


I’m not.


We’d get pepe memes with yakkity sax dubbed into the background.


More or less how I feel.

I’d be fine with their actions if their motivations were really “Let’s get these people into a safer location,” with the accompanying efforts to actually find safer locations along with closing the unsafe spaces.

But, as that is quite apparent that that is not their motivation or methodology, I agree with “Screw these trolls though, what the hell man.”