5 new ways to escape inward and find your zen

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…I can’t even…


You never knew Zen required a phone app? Did we mention it’s the LG school of Zen?


Is this ad some elaborate koan?

Otherwise, I think some people will find it offensive; I don’t identify as a Buddhist, so I won’t make that call myself.

Seriously? Your path to enlightenment is through a piece of electronic gear… that’s probably spying on you? How about throwing all the electronic shit out. That’s the bets place to start to find enlightenment.


Millennial Zen?

enlightened consumerism! the next bardo.

What is the sound of one cell phone notifying?


Heh, I’m one, and it’s not really offensive as much as it’s stupid.

Consumerism is pretty much antithetical to some of the main concepts of Buddhism, but also, if there’s a tool that helps you along your path, then by all means use a crutch until your legs are strong enough to not need it.

If someone could make an app that monitored my blood pressure, and administered a mild shock to remind me to not cling to whatever was making me angry, that would be a crutch worth purchasing from the BoingBoing store.


Also, if such a tool existed, that fucking shock mechanism would get burned out pretty damned quickly given the events since 2016…

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I think never knowing when I might get an electric shock would cause my blood pressure to shoot through the roof. Resulting in more shocks… I might have a hard time letting go of being angry at that fucking app that keeps shocking me :wink:


Tech really changes this world. Damn.

The most calming thing you can do with your phone is switching it off.

Shit! Then I’d need a second app!

It’s apparently turtles all the way down.


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There are elephants in the room between…

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