5 things you know about pulp science fiction are wrong, or at least not always true


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played fast and loose with science.”

Hmmmm. Sounds very TeaPublican…


Both the linked article here and the one on Kirk remind me of various writings by Samuel R. Delany which explore how cultural memory is distorted over time. It’s a fascinating subject.
(The distorting “agent” Delay is interested in is patriarchal discourse, and the Kirk article presents a really incisive picture of that discourse at work. It’s also pretty obviously at work in the intemperate responses to that article in the BB comment thread.)


Theory: when people think of these stories, they really think more about the covers than the content.


You might be right there - sci-fi writer Harry Harrison wrote a book on that theme, an interesting and well illustrated one at that; Great Balls of Fire: A History of Sex in Science Fiction Illustration.


How about people who think the term “sci fi” was widely used in the days of pulp science fiction?
(It wasn’t - aside from Forry Ackerman, who created the term and then popularized it via Famous Monsters of Filmland. That, of course, meant that many teens who devoured FMOF and then went on to work in pop-culture science fiction TV and movies thought it was the “in” term.)
In the days of the pulps, most common quick usage was “SF” (for Science Fiction) or “stf” (for scientifiction, Hugo Gernsback’s term).


Or that Theodore Sturgeon said, “90% of everything is crap”?
What he SAID - in response to a convention attendee who complained, “90% of science fiction is crud” - was “90% of everything is crud.”


“There are no non-parody examples of Superman changing in a phone booth; he just never did this.”

Citation needed? Kind of ironic in an article about misconceptions.

Here’s a bunch more:


Kinky physics?


Is this article as shitty as the Kirk one?

clicks to find out

Not shitty!


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