500 computer-generated novels: the Nanogenmo 2015 entrants


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I’m sorry but I have enough trouble writing the old fashioned way. Write a program to write a novel? No thanks, there’s a reason I excelled in English and not Math.


Random thought. Could this be extended to animation and generate machinima movies?


I’m guessing in theory it could. In practice I wouldn’t know how.


Paging Mr. Dahl and his Great Automatic Grammatizator.


Well, that’s mine.


I wonder if it would be possible to produce a kind of recursive call to TV tropes…


What about rewriting TVtropes in a machine-parseable language so it could be used as a knowledgebase for a story/movie-script generator?


see collective consciousness fiction generator from 2014.


Keep watching the skies, there’s sure to be another next year, and y’all are welcome to join!

In the meantime, there’s some discussion in the Generative Text google group and the GenerativeArt Slack [which requires an invite, so that’s the invite link].


We hope to make your kind obsolete soon enough.


Won’t someone think of the now unemployed monkeys? Now they can’t buy bananas, they can just look at them.


But they can look at an infinite number of them!


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