6 totally wireless earbuds that deliver great sound without the massive price tag

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/10/07/6-totally-wireless-earbuds-tha.html

I really loved my Anker wireless earbuds. Then I got hit by a van while crossing what I thought was a one way street? So yeah. Be careful out there kiddos.

Here’s some tech for the true audiophile

An audiophile who degrades his experience with Bluetooth codecs? I think not.

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Wirelessness is binary: you either have wires or you don’t. If it’s wireless, then it’s totally wireless. It’s totally unnecessary to totally call them “totally”.

Wireless with wires.

I think you mean “hybrid radio-frequency receiver / stereo speakers with wires” :wink:


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Would be nice if they were actually reviewed. You know, Some accompanying words to help us decide. Maybe even a comparison. Something on which to base a decision, other than price and one picture

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