64 horrible things about the Internet


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Die, hipster scolds.

(7) All internet discourse about bacon

Shut up and make us some bacon.


hating on star wars and dr. horrible? you must be new to the internet. we like those things here.


That made me laf :). But may I propose a corollary? Where isn’t there a gap?!

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Well, within reason.

And if we heard that Joss Wheedon was going to do an all-singing, all-dancing version of Star Wars?

Our powers of reason would be gone.


But Pedro won, right? I’m pretty sure he did, because all of my wildest dreams came true.

  1. Listicles

You beat me by a second. Well done!

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Heh-- I saw that. You were so close!

Eh, I enjoyed it. It’s got a nice rhythm, but you can’t dance to it.

Two snaps up, a twist and a kiss!

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[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:54889”]
ITUNES (“iTunes is like having your hand held by a robot who wants to walk into the ocean and die.”)
[/quote]I’ve never understood all the angst again iTunes. It’s always worked with non-DRM music since its inception and it gives me a choice in the preferences if I want it to organize my music for me or not. There’s certainly some aspects of it I don’t like and functionality they’ve removed that’s annoyed me, but not any worse than most other popular apps.

(65) Randomly numbered lists.
(72) People in comment threads adding to an list article.


This will make me unpopular, but…fuck bacon.

*here someone will undoubtedly link to a fleshlight someone has made out of bacon, thus completing the circle.


Ha! Perfectly fine, I couldn’t stand sausage till I was in my twenties. And I still can’t deal with olives, as a self professed adventurous eater. (But capers, oh god give me capers!)

Agreed, und ein Zissen Pesach to you!


I have a theory that the last few iTunes redesigns have been Apple’s way of gently telling its users “maybe its time you saw other media players”


I love that I am nursing this eternal grudge along with so many others, including Cory Doctorow:
“(6) GOOGLE KILLING GOOGLE READER. Google Reader was my favorite social media network of all time. It was essentially the best possible version of what Facebook could have been. Then Google trash-canned it in an apparent effort to herd us all to Google+. And look, you’re reading this on Google+ right now! You’re even wearing a Google+ T-shirt, and you flew a Google+ to work this morning!”

We won’t stop until Google unkills Reader and blogs, whether or not it needs to travel through time to do so.


Ah but there are no gaps because God is filling them all up like spiritual pollyfilla.

The gaps are where jesus carried the fossils