70% of the benefits of Trump's childcare credits will go to households earning $100K and up


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And how is this a fucking surprise anymore?


Anyone making over 100K has been vetted by the invisible hand.

Anyone making under 100K better have their long form birth certificate on hand.


“No Rich Child Left Behind”


I wonder if #Donthecon’s middle and lower class dupes are even capable of realizing how badly they’ve been screwed. Probably not. Soma! Soma! Soma!


The focus on tax credits fits so well in to the conservative narrative; lower taxes gives middle class workers more opportunities blah blah blah. Such bullshit. What we need are more fedrerally funded and employer-provided childcare options. We need an ACA for childcare - an ACCA. Only then will we begin to address the real root causes of poverty and gender based pay disparities.


A gramme is better than a damn


Class war is alive and well and being waged by the Right. Viz. the Tory government over here, still preaching austerity while looking to cut £1billion off the inheritance tax bills of the rich.


I don’t remember reading anything about it being a surprise in the article. Would you rather not have it reported?


No they don’t. And if they do, they don’t want to look wrong so they will just double down on supporting him.


It boggles my mind that Republicans have this reputation of being more fiscally responsible than Democrats.


More evidence to back up the contention that poor and working class people who voted for this grifter are best described as suckers.


Even then 100K is a sliding bar. If you live in any of the following metro areas, 100K isn’t that much:

– SF Bay
– DC
– Boston


I don’t know whether trump is playing the part of Dunning, Kruger, or the guy with lemon juice on his face. I do know he is master of the stupid.


I am going to assume none of you commenters have kids in daycare AND make more than $85K. I live in CT and make more than $100K with 3 kids all of whom were in daycare sometimes overlapping the other. Daycare regular price is $13,000 per year!!! and when you have two you only get 10% discount for one kid, so you end up paying $24,700! Other kids from households that make less than $85K get a sliding scale, so low income parents pay as little as $80 a month for the same exact education (whether the day care is private or not). Also when its tax time we only get a $1300 tax credit for each kid and a MAX $3000 deduction for childcare. So after its all said and done my little household that brings in over $200K, gets taxed 32% federal and then 6% state, plus AMT. So we barely see $100K after tax and if $26K of that is going strictly to day care…which is more than I pay for my mortgage + tax. Oh and I am a democrat, black, came from nothing, and have one step out the ‘hood’ because there is no such thing as the middle class anymore, we get raked over the coals. We make to much to get any discounts, breaks, or handouts and don’t make enough for loopholes and greasy palms…SO, those ‘poor’ people who don’t pay full price, benefit from the MAX $3K deduction because they don’t pay that much, but me, who has paid $13K per year for 15 years (3kids for 5yrs each)…that’s $195K CASH !!! and I only got to deduct $45K over those 15 years…COME ON SON…off my high horse.

I remember dropping off my kids and a parent was wearing pajamas and dropped of there 2 kids, didn’t even come in, just pushed them in at the door and walked away. The director made eye contact with me, as I shook my head, she then said “yeah, they going back home to watch tv and they only pay $80 a month for 2” and im sitting here paying $26K AFTER TAX!

in 2006 I made $60K year and had to quit my job and be a stay at home dad because daycare ate my whole check, so there was no sense working just to pay someone to watch my kid. The hustle is real


Yep…add Connecticut the state to that list lol. over $85K household doesn’t qualify for the sliding scale.


When it comes to helping people, they are more “responsible”. When it comes to wars and telling people how to live, then that’s different.


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Yeah, I was thinking pretty much the whole Mid-Atlantic and large parts of New England. I just got tired of typing.


I am genuinely surprised that’s it’s only 70%