70 of the world's leading human rights groups ask Mark Zuckerberg to create due process for censored content

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The Zuck is known to only do what he is forced to do, no more no less. Nicey nice talk don’t work with FB.



Facebook remains far behind its competitors when it comes to affording its users products due process.

Fixed that for accuracy. This is also why FB won’t make that change.


70 of the world’s leading human rights ask Mark Zuckerberg to create due process for censored content

It’s a great day when human rights can speak up for themselves!


Appeals work when the body overseeing the appeal has a mandate completely separate from that of the body that made the judgment. Administrative body applies the rules, appeals body rules on whether the rules were applied correctly.

I don’t even really understand the point of an appeals process here. Your stuff was arbitrarily taken down. Now you’ll have a way to tell the same people who arbitrarily took it down to have another completely arbitrary look at it. The interests of Facebook don’t change.

I predict that a Facebook appeals process would allow some of the few white supremacists who have had their content banned get back on in the name of free speech while leaving nearly everyone else in the cold.


Beg! Beg King Zuck for mercy, peons!


I mean we just have to look at YouTube to see that the appeals system is also broken and usually very arbitrary, so you don’t even have to imagine that Facebook’s appeal system would work in anyone’s favor.


What does “its” refer to here? The community’s values or Facebook’s? I submit that, as an uncaring and barely sentient entity, Facebook has no values beyond the remorseless seeking of revenue and retention of wealth. As to the “community”, the civil society groups writing to Facebook is the community trying to have its values represented after they have consistently ignored.


Neither does any conversation that sounds like it will cost money instead of make money. Zuck no likely.

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