8-year-old Guatemalan boy dies in U.S. Border Patrol custody on Christmas morning

There’s a lot of unreality here. These migrants already paid THOUSANDS of dollars to people smugglers to make that trip. They definitely could have afforded to get to a computer and fill in a web form, and if they get asylum, the US would pay for their flight and other expenses. Using a web application process, and not allowing people to apply by marching up to the border, is the only safe and humane way to do this. Everything else involves dangerous journeys and big payments to people smugglers.

I’m not a Christian. I’m Jewish.


The U.S. could spend a small fraction of the funds requested for this stupid wall on fixing the U.S.'s chronically underfunded and broken-by-design immigration and refugee system and enormously reduce illegal crossings. But the regime taking that more fiscally sensible and reality-based approach wouldn’t satisfy its unspoken promise to its Know-Nothing supporters of a white ethnostate.

Also, “attractive nuisance” ordinances are designed to protect property owners from reckless children, not to protect an immigrant nation from desperate adult refugees.

Or experienced living in a conflict zone. You’re lucky to have electricity in a place like Syria, let alone a working dial-up connection.

And yeah, a good portion of Americans couldn’t rustle up the emergency funds for a single international airfare, let alone tickets for an entire family.

Then here’s a story you might be interested in about the original “America First” anti-immigrant coalition:

By the way, if you think the alt-right and the other supporters of this regime’s anti-immigrant policies are friends of the Jews just because they’re discriminating against Muslims now, you’re a fool like this bunch (or perhaps a kapo like Stephen Miller).


A web page. For people with no electricity. Genius.


The people running the coyotes are often loan sharks too.


Again, ALL of these people have paid THOUSANDS of dollars for people smugglers, far more than the cost of a smartphone. Definitely they can get themselves to someplace with smartphones or computers for much less money than that. Their journey to the US is far from cheap. A journey to a smartphone is much cheaper, quicker and safer, and guess what, if asylum is granted, the US pays the travel costs, on a safe and quick airplane. Is this really unclear? Do people here really believe these people are setting off walking and didn’t need to pay anything for the trip? Like hiring people smugglers and walking with children is a moral and humane approach to handing asylum?

BTW, almost certainly these migrants used smartphones with WhatsApp or FB to find and coordinate with people smugglers. The people who make this trip aren’t the poorest of the poor. They are a level above that that can afford the resources for it. Another way that our current system, which is based on “who can pay people smugglers”, is so unfair and terrible.


No, as @the_borderer pointed out, they’ve gone into debt to them. I can explain the difference between paying cash and buying on credit to you, if need be.

In addition to not knowing about living in poverty or in a conflict zone, apparently you also don’t know about the attitudes of at least a third of American taxpayers in regard to spending any money on brown-skinned poor people in any situation.


Another needless national tragedy, followed by a shit show of a discussion; must be Wednesday.


That question will not be answered until cause of death is determined. He and his father were in custody four days when he was noticed to be coughing.

And we haven’t yet heard the voice of white nationalist America attempting to downplay this death or try to excuse the border patrol or the regime whose orders it’s “just following.” But I sense that’s coming … to the Max.

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Maximum speed; that train is never late.


I’m sure you can prove this.


The thing that comes very well is your utter lack of understanding. Join me here in Latin America Where I currently live. Show me how easy it is to put your words into action. Listen to the message you would get even if such a fantasy call could be made. Perhaps someone such as you would listen to the desperate call. You could tell them you’ll email their application, just download and fill it out. Perhaps you’re just trolling here, I’d rather think that than to realize that you represent a sincere human being.


That is not how it works. The cost of the trip is “borrowed” from the cartels, to be repaid once the migrants are in the US. The safety of family members remaining behind is the collateral.


For sure. You know, there were a great many Jews who paid thousands to escape persecution in Europe almost a century ago to seek asylum in other countries. Why didn’t they just stay put and hire an immigration lawyer to take care of it for them?

Shaking my damn head…


They are likely quite pleased to know the system is working as hoped by their leader.


Tell that to the Native Americans pre-1600s.

Your being here is not destiny. It’s sheer dumb luck, and you did nothing to deserve earn it besides being born in the “right” place.

ETA: Edited to make a correction in logic.


There’s a legal concept called necessity. It’s when a risk of harm exists and this can exculpate someone breaking a law. If your kid was at risk - I’m sure you would be happy to give up that possible protection. Perhaps your forebears should have.


This is patently untrue.
I live in Tijuana, and meet and talk with many marchers every time I cross the border, and they’re often supported by small food donations all along the way. There are literally dozens of bus lines that cross Mexico that even someone’s grandma could afford if they had that kind of living.


The idea of applying by web sounds good but ignores the fact that the government would be swamped with applications from qualified candidates and have no excuse for not granting them.

The desperate perilous journey is in fact the most important part of the current application process, separating the truly desperate from those who “only” want to climb the ladder of social mobility. Of course this is not how it should be, but this is the reality that must be dealt with before asylum can be granted based on true merit instead of demonstrated desperation.


Callous and abusive, like taking children away from their families and then losing them in the system - then turning that into a public relations strategy to discourage others from coming? Like that?