Guatemalan boy, 16, dies in US Border Patrol custody — 5th child dead at border under Trump

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Guatemalan minor is fourth to have died in custody under Trump campaign

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Fourth Guatemalan child dies in US Border Patrol custody under Trump

Did it have a heart beat when it got to the USA? Asking for Alabama, Georgia, Missouri and any other f’ing crazy state that is being run by the TGOP, or as my Dear Wife refers to them as the… tumblr_prnpue9fm21rhs4ze_540


In places with low-wage types in charge of detaining kids, with no oversight or accountability, and a go-flag from the top, you always get abuse and bodies.


One week. That’s how long it took. We had him for one week and he died.


When I finally am able to move out of the USA, I am going to deny ever having lived here. I’m ashamed to live in a country where this is allowed to happen and I don’t want to accept any part of this on any level. I don’t know how to stop it, but it’s going to haunt me for the rest of my life all the same.

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I wish you had a country you could be proud of. I wish I did too, but Australia seems to be going the same way.


Lock trump up. For our own safety.

That’s the worst part. With fascism inexplicably on the rise seemingly everywhere, the only thing that moving might change is the healthcare.

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Not inexplicably! There is a concerted and constant effort. Steve Bannon just bought a monastery in Italy for “populist gladiator training”. It’s big.

They know the fascists were bad. They also know they had power.

They lust for power. They will not stop.

We can never let our guard down.

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New Zealand seems to getting more right. Luckily, I was born there and have dual citizenship with Australia and NZ. Might have to move them one day.


Do something hard and fast.

Closest analogue: liberals fighting the fascists in the Spanish Civil War.

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