Jewish human rights scholar: yes, America has built concentration camps

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Well said


The semantic argument employed by concentration camp loving Republicans is strictly for deflection purposes and is in no way a serious argument. Simply a way to avoid discussing how much they overwhelmingly support locking up brown skinned people and systematically abusing and in some cases already killing them.

This is the moral/legal line which when it was crossed, turned all “both sides are bad” arguments into a pile of shit. From the moment those concentration camps went up, conservatives went to completely unredeemably unambiguously evil. People who makes excuses for these camps is the lowest form of scumbag I have seen online. Profanity just doesn’t do it justice here.

Even militaria websites were recognizing these are concentration camps

The Israelis recognize concentration camps when they see them

(But tell us how you really feel Mangochin. :grinning:)


Cue Ben Shapiro or other fundie kapos* responding that Prof. Lind-Guzik isn’t a “real Jew” like them.

It takes a lot of self-delusion and willful ignorance of history to believe that they’ll ever convince the rest of the alt-right that Jews are white.

Jews who get in bed with fascists thinking “this time will be different” (because, e.g. they were too easily bought off with a symbolic embassy move) or “our people are part of the administration” (AKA “the good ones” like Dimwit Jared or Stephen Miller) or “I’ll win them over with my amazing lib-destroying persuasion skills” will eventually end up in the same place as the Jews they tossed under the bus.

[* ETA: What better and more pithy term for a Jew who knowingly collaborates with or makes excuses for right-wing populist anti-Semites to further his own ends?]


We need a new hat. MAAA.

Make America America Again.


So far, 24 people have died in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement under the Trump administration, while six children have died in the care of other agencies since September…

Physical and sexual abuse will also be a problem in these situations, but it probably won’t surface for decades.


Fuck hats. We need to overthrow a tyrant and close the gaps that the Republicans have used to pull the US into a dictatorship.


Its already surfacing



That’s one nice thing about the times we are living in, these things don’t lie dormant for decades. But Christ-Almighty-Born-Of-A-Virgin-Only-To-Die-For-Our-Sins anyone who didn’t know there would be sexual abuse at these camps was willfully ignorant. This whole thing is far too reminiscent of Canada’s residential schools for me.


There seems to be progression to this kind of evil crap

  1. “We are winning anyway so there is nobody is around to hold us accountable”
  2. “We didn’t know this was going on under our noses”
  3. “We didn’t take part in it. We opposed it in secret, but couldn’t speak up out of fear”
  4. “It never happened, it was all stories by biased winners…”
  5. “Well you guys were doing a lot worse”

I was a little skeptical at first, but after further reflection I think the detainment camps are indeed concentration camps, even though I think that word is typically used for people rounded up internally and then imprisoned rather than holding external populations seeking to enter a country for asylum. The latter is generally called a refugee camp, but the distinction is that in refugee camps, those held are not considered criminals, and they are afforded more protection and freedom. The administration has not called these refugee camps and is in fact denying that most of those housed are refugees (which again, would give them greater protection under international law).

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As a serious question, what do I do? Voting might work, but even if I thought that would do something, it will take far too long. I have my doubts that it will accomplish much.

What do I do to make this shit stop, and stop now? Holding those responsible to account would be a bonus, but frankly I care far more about protecting the migrants.


Yeah if you look up the definition of concentration camp, it pretty clearly shows that is what they are. If that makes your feels feel icky, then maybe rethink your position on the matter.

Even if one is for better border security (which has bi-partisan support), there is a right and a wrong way to go about it. Even though there appears to be a real surge of people seeking asylum, and there is a problem with the system handling it (e.g. it takes time to process everything), there a right and wrong way to handle it.

This is clearly the wrong way.


Trump / The GOP doesn’t give a single fuck. De facto US residents are in these camps. Trump wanted to arbitrarily intern another 11,000,000 folks residing and participating in American society.

These camps ARE concentration camps, full stop. That’s why Trump / The GOP are moving these camps to inside military base restricted areas and why centrists will ultimately participate in this de facto ethnic purge.


John Brown, though but an untrained farmer, had a clear sense of right and wrong. And took action. Direct action is needed, and fuck those demanding we be civil to the white supremacists.

a “peace” built on and perpetuating injustice is a peace that deserves to be smashed.


As I understand it, the camps are holding those trying to cross the border, not those who are rounded up internally by ICE outside of the border region. I could be wrong though. Citation?

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I’m also the son of a Soviet Jewish refugee, and I agree. What’s more, as a “white-passing” Jew, I’ve watched with increasing unease as my fellow Ashkenazis have thrown their lot in with white supremacy, making common cause with white supremacists who support apartheid in Israel as part of a deranged end-times prophecy (liberally salted with racism and Islamophobia) and with white supremacists in the GOP who defend white privilege with every weapon at their disposal.

I turns out that for many people, getting stomped on makes them not wish for an end to stomping, but a resolution to be on the stomping rather than stomped upon end of that transaction. sigh human nature, I guess.


It has no importance to the matter, whatsoever.

The fact that we are locking up people who are not criminals or prisoners of war and separating children from their families and subjecting them to inhumane conditions pretty much to appease the most malicious bigoted elements of our society and nothing else.

Concentration camp is an apt term and completely not the fucking point in any way, shape or form. It is supposed to have a negative connotation. The very existence of these places and what goes on there is more important than what term you like to describe it.


I would argue that the Indian reservations were concentration camps.