Trump Administration moving forward on tent cities for kids

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I think it is important that the children at least be exposed to a positive, uplifting message while interned there.



Will they supply the kids with a pig’s head on a stick do you think, or will the kids have to go out into the desert and kill their own?

Christ on a fucking cracker, what incomparable assholes. Everyone involved with this should have their humanity cards revoked.

ETA: This story has been developing over in the Undocumented Americans thread. There are many good links and posts over there, and enough detail to keep you enraged for weeks.


I’m in Peru at present, my grandkids are exactly the kids those soulless bastards want to hurt. If conditions became unbearable or unsafe and they had to flee from their home, they should expect to suffer more because amerika is being ran by racists. Seven years old, a tender little soul innocent of anything save for being born and session/trump et al want to hurt him if he needs safety? And my nieto should know that it is his plight to be used by the rich and powerful, thrown in a dump like a criminal by the same right wing who babble about the safety of the unborn and torture those who have been born poor or brown. My god I hope these souls currently being tortured someday soon find themselves in power over people like trump and goons. I’d love to see trump tent instead of a tower where that fat fuck could roast. What utterly soulless trash they are. I can hardly wrap my mind around this. This isn’t my country anymore. We should all take a knee when that anthem is played. Who can respect this? Please get the statue of liberty torn down. It’s such a lie anymore.


Lets change this: Everyone involved with this should have their breath revoked.


You’re not wrong.


Under our Constitutional Republic, Life, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of Happiness are inalienable to all men.

Not Just Americans. The Bill of rights, sure, that’s for citizens. But to nullify the right to liberty , to deny liberty to children for the crime of asking to be let in?? That is to nullify the basis of the Declaration of Independence.

May as well give the keys back to the Queen if this is our logic.


This utterly defies every principal I was taught about being an American.

We’re the bad guys now.

I’m heartsick over the hatefulness so many U.S. Americans are expressing and acting out against OTHER AMERICANS. (Mexico shares our continent, remember.) Children, no less, fleeing poverty, gang war, abuse, not for greed but from desperation and what must be woeful misguidance.

How can those professing to follow Christ bear such hatred toward fellow humans? I grew up going to churches that hosted refugees and sponsored foreign missionaries. WHERE DID ALL THOSE GOOD PEOPLE GO?!

How can we allow this as a people.
How can I allow this.

Heartsick and confused. I don’t want us to be the bad guy. We cannot allow children, regardless of origin, to be pitched into an environment argued to be too cruel for CRIMINALS.



Jeff Sessions has always been the bad guys. His vision for the nation is the exact shape of the mote in his own eye.


“…or whatever.”

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Yeah :frowning: plus the U.S. isn’t new to the role. It’s just so much more of a homogenized hatred now dished up as American apple pie.

The current New Yorker article drawing comparisons between the Keiser & Trump is great but seems almost too polite after this grotesque tent idea


Done quite some time ago I think.

What, tents? Aren’t cardboard boxes good enough?

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I guess they would have had to be human in the first place.


What? It’ll be just like camping! One giant camp with a concentration of immigrant children. Surrounded by fencing and armed guards. A concentration camp, if you will.


It’s only reasonable that these freeloader kids be put to work helping with the chores. It’ll uplift their spirits, free them, if you will.


We are putting kids on a reservation.

Methinks the tRump is taking clues from his good buddy Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s playbook on this one. We’ll see if that’s true if the kids all have to wear pink clothes.


The second sentence is related to the first. There’s a few hundred years of history that led to the current situation, and it isn’t the history that’s commonly taught in American schools.


Isn’t this actually, literally, kidnapping?