'Toddlers are being detained.' 3 Trump 'Tender Age' immigrant baby jails confirmed, more are coming

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We all know that the Republican shits responsible for establishing this monstrous policy have no souls, but we need to stop focusing solely on the snake’s head.

You can’t have toddler jail without jailers. You can’t have toddler jail without transport drivers. You can’t have toddler jail without cooks etc… Every single f-ing person working at any point needs to be shamed and railed on until they realize that it’d be far better to quit with a clean(ish) conscience and go work as a greeter at your local hardware megastore than to play even a tiny role in this affront to humanity. Remember kids “Just following orders” wasn’t a defense back in 1945, and it isn’t for you either.


I just wrote my senator to voice my displeasure with the US being associated with child concentration camps - Right Honorable Cruz - his twitter feed shows him pushing a bill to ‘fix’ the problem.

The new bill will pay for more judges etc so that the forced kidnapping is ONLY for 14 days.

As if the problem with ripping kids away from parents is the duration of separation.
And 14 days makes it ok…


Is there anything we average citizens can do to stop this? Trump’s antics have been driving me insane ever since he became a candidate, but this is really the scariest so far and I feel completely powerless. My representatives already are against him, I don’t know any ICE agents to shame, I’m nowhere near where this is happening (which seems to be secret, other than “in Texas”), I don’t even have racist friends or relatives to argue with (and the people in favor of this are impervious to reason or compassion anyway)… what the hell am I supposed to do? I don’t want to just sit by and watch.


I know what you mean…one thing I’ve found that at least makes me feel like i’m doing something…

I’ve taken to going to the right wing echo chambers - theBlaze - etc … to try to Inception some sanity there.
It’s hard, sometimes depressing effort.

fivethirtyeight.com showed a poll that 50% of republicans support forced child separation…they are likely hopeless. But the 50% of republicans who do not support it … maybe they still can be reached.


Baby prison? America :heart: prisons.


I wondered if Trump would continue to deny that the policy was his own, or double down on the horror to appease his base. Turns out he’s doing both. Of course.

If the situation wasn’t bad enough by itself, people with insider knowledge are pointing out that the whole scheme was so hastily put together, so chaotic, it’s inevitable that significant numbers of children will never be returned to their parents. (We’re already seeing cases of the parents being deported without their children.) The administration is creating wards of the state, orphans. (To add insult to injury, they’ll deny them citizenship, too.)


the only thing more American would be if they gave each toddler a complimentary sidearm on their way to the concentration camp.


I simply cannot process any more rage. I think that’s how tyrants win, ultimately. They just exceed a non-sociopath’s capacity for rage.


Isn’t this what drones were invented for? Can’t somebody with more time and courage then me follow the kids and map their locations?


This is a good point, Bobo. It would be possible for minority politicians to make a statement that, when our current turn towards fascism is over, the accomplices will be prosecuted.


Totally normal, nothing to see here.


The babies and toddlers will start “failing to thrive” and dying pretty soon. Fortunately, they will have been moved to high-security military bases by then, so they won’t be seen and it won’t hurt Republican candidates in November.

Wonder who they’ll come for next. I figure since my family covers half a dozen “enemy of the State” categories it won’t be too long before we get to go camping. Not getting on that special bus. Not reporting for relocation. Not going to go if they show up with guns.


Zygmunt Bauman: Modernity and the Holocaust

Read it.


Next step?

The administration will create a show camp where selected journalists / people working for Fox News will be invited to see just how humane it all is.

Perhaps they can call it Theresienstadt?






Freedom Prison!

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There is still a lot you can do. The first and most basic is to recognize these actions as part of a wider attack on certain immigrant communities. Offer support to some local group that helps immigrants. Second, recognize the tremendous financial costs to people caught in this system. If you have some funds kicking round support a national organization that provides bond relief or legal support. One such organization is https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/bondfund . Third, call your legal representative. Make it clear that your congresscritter cannot let this stand. Fourth, our broader mistreatment of migrants is a national problem. Consider some form of direct action. https://www.freedomforimmigrants.org/detention-statistics/


Jesus wept.