Border family separation isn't "zero tolerance" - CBP looked for parents to charge so they could kidnap kids

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If liberals had claimed prior to the election that a Trump administration would enact such a monstrous policy they almost certainly would’ve been accused of hyperbole and fear mongering.


Isn’t that always the case?


What the actual fuck??? I’m a cynic, but this goes above and beyond my (shitty) expectations.

The acceleration of this administration’s fascist activity continues to surprise me. It’s the most unnerving thing since my senior high school newspaper class on Sep 12, 2001, when I contradicted a visiting reporter from The Oregonian.

I tried to assert no one starts a war because they hate another country’s “freedoms,” that it was much more likely decades of aggressive, militaristic foreign policy and economic exploitation were responsible for the hijackings.

It should go without saying I was not one of the popular kids at Sherwood High.


GOP 2016, Trump isn’t so bad. Its not like he wants to lock people up in concentration camps

GOP in 2018. Calling them concentration camps is a little harsh.


I believe the current party line is “they’re just like summer camps.”


If you are a child molester its like a smorgasboard


War Crime. Can’t we just admit that the US routinely perps war crimes? Never mind the hand-waving around congress declaring war, let the lawyers at the Hague sort that out.


Maybe they meant it was like one of those summer camps from an 80s horror movie.


I think the term here is “crimes against humanity” given that we do not currently have a war on (declared or otherwise) with Mexico or Central America.


And, according to an immigration lawyer on twitter, a child died due to ICE neglect. I’ve been fully expecting this to eventually happen, though I’m not entirely sure it’s true yet. ICE denied it, of course, which I would expect even if it were true. They were also very specific in their denial - stating that no child died in an ICE detention facility (though the story seemed to be suggesting that the child became ill in detention but died immediately after being released to his/her family), which didn’t make their denial more convincing. My question about the veracity of the story comes from the lawyer making the claim not actually representing the family, but simply supposedly knows a lawyer who is. It’s a little too much of a “friend-of-a-friend” story at this point; something could be getting lost/made up. Still…

Given that lesser claims - that Trump was racist, despite decades of obvious evidence - got that treatment, I have to say, yeah. All the people who huffily told me I was being absurd for calling Trump a fascist - I do wonder what they’re saying now.


At least in those films, the camp councilors get it too.


I haven’t yet gotten my head around the administration claiming that people are smuggling their own children into the country. Supporters of that claim are the same type of folks who have a fit if a parent in their neighborhood leaves a child unattended for ten minutes. It’s a no-win scenario - leave the child with relatives and the parents are accused of abandonment, bring them along and they are accused of smuggling. WTH.


I wonder what the republican pseudo-patriots will have to say about this

My guess is “…”


think about all the people who fell in line to make this happen

it’s one thing to be so evil to come up with a plan to try to discourage immigration by destroying families and hoping “the word gets out”

but think about all the people who implemented this plan from top to the person who actually tells the parents they just need to give over the kids for a few minutes and takes them

this country is scary, maybe it always was and just didn’t have a camera on it but somehow I doubt it was quite this evil with applause


Yep, Trump’s all about law and order.*

* Except as it relates to the office of the president, his businesses, his children, sexual harassment, emoluments, campaign finance, conspiracy, incitement, racism, bigotry, and civil liberties. But everywhere else, law and order for sure. He says we’re going to law and order those darkly complected, so-called “refugees” right to death and chuck their kids into for-profit prisons and… hey, is that thing still on…?


So I was right: They really do want those kids for something nefarious.


All the same people angry about Pizzagate are completely unconcerned about this. I want to punch so many people right now.


That they took children from asylum seekers (which is 100% legal) strongly supports the notion that family separation never had anything to do with prosecuting illegal behavior