Trump wants to separate small children from their mothers in immigration detention

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Why not just machine-gun them to death? I mean since we are going for arbitrary, senseless, inhumane, &c &c cruelty, why not just go the whole hog?


Also the headline is wrong. I don’t think Trump wants that. I think he doesn’t care. Which is worse. Malevolence, there is an end to, even in the worst people. Stupidity and carelessness? No. That’s infinite.


Why not just put them through the mangler?

It’d be so much… I don’t know, so much something.
How about the parents too while you’re at it?
But… separate manglers, because, somehow that would be meaner.


I don’t see what’s wrong with this idea. White Australians used to do the same with Native Australians who didn’t co-operate enough. The fact is that non-white people aren’t really human; it’s just the same as separating cows from their calves, which is ordinary farming practice.

Caution - this post may contain elemental irony, along with despair at parts of the human race.


Just pack them in cattle cars and ship them south. Why not? It’s been done before.

They can even paint a little Mexican flag on each car so they know for sure what the contents are.



Why stop at half measures? Really, the Trump administration seems to be slacking here. Just send the children to the slaughterhouse, it’s much more humane and economical that way. Trump’s friends and relatives will of course get first dibs on the meat.

(First paragraph slightly adapted, with apologies to Dr Swift)



Try to think ahead, folks – it’s not like keeping small children in the wall-building camps would make you complain any less. They probably won’t even be able to read the inspirational signs on the gates. :unamused:

You don’t actually even have to go back to your example for that sort of thing. There was for instance “Operation Wetback”, an attempt to get rid of Mexican immigrants in the 1950s. From here:

[quote=Mae M. Ngai]
Some observers were less than sanguine about Operation Wetback’s success. An American labor official acknowledged that the INS had “performed a major task in clearing the border areas of literally hundreds of thousands of wetbacks” but added that Operation Wetback had “dumped” thousands of illegal workers over the border, creating problems on the Mexican side. Some eighty-eight braceros died of sun stroke as a result of a round-up that had taken place in 112-degree heat, and he argued that more would have died had Red Cross not intervened. At the other end of the border, in Nuevo Laredo, a Mexican labor leader reported that ‘wetbacks’ were ‘brought like cows’ on trucks and unloaded fifteen miles down the highway from the border, in the desert.[/quote]
Apparently they had used cargo ships, too, until some drownings led to public outcry in Mexico. Several hundred citizens were illegally deported as well. For all this, it was at best a short-term success in stopping illegal immigration. Trump has cited this slur-named operation as a precedent for his own plans, though of course his dwarf it in numbers.


This requires a double shot I think.


They’re not being “machine-gunned,” they were all shot while trying to attack ICE agents or escape from detention. Yes, all of them. (Yes, even the ones who couldn’t walk.) But I get ahead of myself - that’s the next step.


Clearly, a reaction to when he was separated from his mother as a child.



To be fair turning children over to relatives or foster care when a parent/both parents are arrested is standard operating procedure. If we weren’t talking about Bannon influenced immigrant purges it might be just as much about not putting small children in prisons/detention camps. The same strategy coming from a place of reform might be lauded. As the treatment of children and families in our existing ICE detention centers is often pointed to as a massive block of human rights violations.

Now I don’t think for a minute that’s their motivation, and its entirely hollow without reforms to those same totally fucked detention strategies. But. Silver lining? Ish.


Those Trump branded clothing items aren’t gonna make themselves when he starts bringing manufacturing jobs back.


Even when their only crime is to be poor and to be trying to get a better life?

It’s the standard operating procedure here which needs to be looked at. For a start, how about detention under humane conditions - treat them as refugees rather than criminals.

On the argument of the current administration, the Native Americans would have had every right, when the Mayflower docked, to separate any women from their children and lock all of the adult passengers up while they “figured out what to do with them”. And had they been able to foresee the future, that’s the least of what they would have done.


But only the smallest and most tender are suitable for His Majesty’s table. Perhaps they could be kept in stalls like veal calves?


Now with audio


A leaked Trump administration briefing

Ah, there. You see? It was leaked, so it’s fake news.