What we know about the 1,600 migrant kids Trump is relocating to Texas concentration camp

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Which tent has the gas chambers? No, I’m not kidding either.


I’m not making light of this, honestly, because it’s soul sickening to me.

But I read “in facilities” as “in factories” twice. And it made sense that of course that’s their next step. I’m… “glad” I guess would be the word… that I’m mistaken.


What a shameful time to be an American (translation for Il Douche’s supporters: “so much winning and MAGA!”)


I know how you feel. I’m trying to find hope and the best I can come up with right now is “at least they aren’t death camps yet”.

I’d suggest that people bookmark the helpline thread, a lot of people are going to need it when they are fighting against this horror (as well as the others).


It’s a good thing Jeebus loves the little children (according to a song I heard) cuz they sure won’t get love from Repubs. What a disgrace. I hope Trump and his admin are eventually standing at The Hague.


Can Donald Trump and Bill Cosby stay at the same prison? Don Jr should go to a different prison than his father.


For those of you with an familiarity with Spanish, all should need to tell you that the name of the place is “Tornillo.”


For the rest, that’s Spanish for “Screw.”


Calling these concentration camps sounds a little Alex Jones’ish…

Migrant children are housed in what are known as unsecure facilities, meaning that doors are unlocked and they can technically leave at any time, though they are closely monitored and strongly discouraged from doing so.


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Making America great again?

All I see is creating of the terrorist of tomorrow. Do you think stealing children can end anyway but bad?


The “unsecure facilities” mentioned in the quote is where the children were staying prior to being moved to concentration camps.


Rant Alert

I’m sorry to anyone who is remotely conservative minded here. But if you make excuses for this crap, lie about it and say they aren’t “concentration camps”, give me bullcrap about “Obama doing it first”, pretend there was no saner option, or just plain look for ways to justify this atrocity, you are a scumbag and you do not deserve to be treated in a civil and polite manner.

This is really the line crossed which renders any kind of mealy mouthed, “both sides are bad” arguments completely and utterly wrong. There is no way on this goddamn Earth I am going to be remotely polite or civil to anyone who signs off on this. Anyone who votes Republican in light of this, is the enemy of all that is decent and truly American.


Real ways to help these children


I’ve been thinking in my darker moments that since divide-and-conquer is a favorite authoritarian (in the case of the U.S., rightwing) strategy, what they might be doing – given how much this will likely mess up for life a lot of those kids – is deliberately trying to make future Latin American criminals. Then it would be all that much easier to point to “them” (people from “those countries”) as “criminals, rapists, gang members, not the best people,” and so on.

But then I realize, or maybe hope, that they’re just not that farsighted. And that it’s more likely that they’re just racist fucks who either don’t care what effect this shit will have on these kids and their families, or else, they KNOW how bad this is for them, and in their racist white hearts, they’re fucking glad about that.


$750 dollars per kid per day?!

might as well rent each of them their own apartment, fly their parents in to care for them, give them basic income, and naturalize them just because.

oh, right. people are worried about a “culture of dependency” and government “handouts” - so glad we can abuse children and send billions of dollars down the drain at the same time


Anyone here good at researching which corporate entities owned by which people benefit here?

The NY Times article, for reasons probably best known to its editors, isn’t clear on who is profiting from this misery.


Yeah, but surely the new places also have to be “unsecure facilities” due to the law mentioned in the article?

(Migrant children are held in unsecure facilities rather than immigration jails, where adult border crossers are housed, because of a federal consent decree that says children can only be detained in secure facilities for 20 days.)

I’m not defending or in any way attempting to justify this monstrous crime, but for the sake of accuracy I think this should be clarified.

Avoiding the worst effects of mental illness is important too. Activists getting PTSD and suicidal depression does not help these children. We all need to be activists now, so we all need to look after ourselves as well. The far-right want us to feel powerless and unable to stop them, don’t let that happen.