808303.studio a new free online music creation platform

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This thing is genuinely cool! Puts me in a real 808 state.


Seriously. I love tutorials like this. Wendy Carlos had a nice introduction to subtractive and additive synthesis. One of the best small venue events I went to was a concert by the coders of Ableton software. Some of music centered around granular synthesis and they were fantastic about talking about their process afterwards.

I can still remember my introduction to synthesizers via that kids show “Look Around You”. Synthesizer Patel is why I have an alarm on my gear.

Source: Youtube clip of Look Around You ; (c 2005) season 2, episode 1 - as posted by user Birdshapes on 2013 06 02

A fun little tool, slightly marred by the fact that it bafflingly only exports songs as an mp4 video with a stupid spinning vinyl label of your song title/artist on it. Free tools that don’t require a login like this could be a godsend for teachers working with kids making video games and other multimedia stuff, but exporting them as weird filetypes that need another step to convert them to something useful is kind of annoying.


I was just thinking to myself that I hadn’t heard the Machadaynu in a while.


There’s a shit ton of free online synths available, just search for “online synth” or “online sequencer”.

If you want 303s and one beatbox (various drumkits) + FX, try acid machine, it exports wav files and you can actually make music that isn’t boring to others after 2-3 minutes if they’re not stoned.

Or try audiotool (requires free signup), which has been around for 10 years or so, which gives you a complete studio. Haven’t tried it, but it looks awesome. Might be too complex for a beginner, but could be used with the help of a teacher.


I am now in a meta synthesized alternate Earth time loop.

Thank you for posting that. That is the best version of “Machadaynu” I have ever heard and it was truly the future of music. It beats the Lords Of Synth, and they saved the world- all be it problematically.

Source: Clip on YouTube of Live At The Necropolis The Lords of Synth by AdultSwim alternate Earth timeline c1986, c 2016 C.E., posted by same on 2016 05 02 by same.

Cool. Will give it a look.

Lately I have been lusting to build a Eurorack system. (Because photography wasn’t expensive enough and didn’t provide enough GAS /SSSSS)

VCV Rack just isn’t scratching the itch.

I miss Propellerhead’s 808 and 303 emulator ReBirth for ios. Alas, no more.


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