8bitdo Arcade Stick

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My wrists kinda suck, so i’d usually try to stick to pads for home play. There used to be a big stigma against pads in the fgc, but you see people with them much more often these days. Give me a Saturn or Neo Geo style pad for 2d fighters and i’m happy.

That being said i’m looking into getting back into fighting games but the cost of well, pretty much everything involved has gotten to me over the years. How the latest DoA tends to price everything and how Namco pulled a weird move making asking people to buy Tira in the new Soul Calibur saying she hasn’t been finalized even though she was already in the game and in the beta kinda ticked me off about the genre. I avoid Capcom games long before all of that (also i’m really not into Street Fighter or Marvel).

This fills the need for an NES Advantage replacement, but how do I go about getting a modern version of the Max?

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This makes me smile; some of my favorite controllers as a kid had the giant oversized format.

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Ha, yes! My Atari 2600 joysticks lasted through the early years and into my Commodore 64 ownership. Although, I’m certain they’re partially responsible for my severe tendinitis in my now, aged hands.

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this is from their amazon page… and should’ve been the first image boingboing put up!

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