8chan resurfaces, along with The Daily Stormer and another Nazi site

Rob Monster is an actual monster.

A self-proclaimed Christian with no sense of morality or justice.


Yeah, well luckily they’re no longer on cloudflare, which gives them protection against DDOS. I’m sure a bunch of discord servers handing out preconfiged LOIC clients would do a servicable job ddosing them now.


It’d be such a shame is some one use these scripts over here for nefarious reasons.


“8chan remained accessible on the deep Web while it was off of the Internet proper—but it wasn’t easy to find, and it took over 12 minutes to load the front page.”

It’s a step in the right direction. Lots fewer people being indoctrinated - lots less money going into their pockets. Hopefully losing money.


Yeah, you may never get them down to zero, but cutting down on their numbers does help.


Is CBBS still running?



They’re using ZeroNet. At first I was perplexed at how a P2P decentralized setup could get it so horribly wrong, but it follows from the base design. It’s a torrent file-sharing network, and inside that people can build virtual websites that can be browsed. And you get all the cruft that goes along with that: bad sites, image files, copyright-violating movies, etc.

I gather you can block individual sites so that your system isn’t engaged in spreading that content, but there’s probably no way to delegate that to another person or organization that you trust.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll load it up on a Pi and have a look, with precautions to sterilize it afterwards, but if you want a decentralized messaging system, then pass messages, not files.

Are the pedophiles now worried that they’re downloading Nazi stuff?



Zim: “Fools! Didn’t they read the docu-mentation!”
GIR: “I love bees!”

Ah right! Since it’s based on the BitTorrent DHT, it’s possible to do an audit.

eta2: (I can’t add a new post.)

I installed ZeroNet on a Pi. A piece of cake, unlike the Federated ones that I’ve tried. I think the worry about spreading content from Nazis and pedos is overblown. Unless you subscribe to the “zites” that carry that content, you won’t be seeding them. (Probably have to watch for zites that bury that content.)

It seems a shame to let 8chan flood it unopposed. Maybe I’ll try it out for a while; and toss my DougWiki on it. I suspect the way that they’ve done it has some inherent problems, but I’ll check my notes.

Mostly ignore the BitCoin references. They’re using the BitCoin crypto libraries for signing, public-private key, etc. (I was planning on going GnuPG, but whatever works.)


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