A $15 "Minimum viable computer"

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I am not super sure about the split keyboard, reminds me of the N-gage way too much I think. I do have my pocket chip someplace that pretty much does the same thing. Keyboard sucked on it too. I paid closer to $49 though but it does have pico-8 on it. :slight_smile:

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Oh, $15 factory cost. Direct to consumer would be a little more - maybe $20, maybe $30. Retail is 4x - 5x factory cost so it would be $60 in stores. He also doesn’t include shipping and that can be a buck or two per unit, by ship. Yes, I’m available for parties!


320x240 was the resolution of the alphanumeric TV display that my first homebrew M6800 computer had in 1978. It is usable in the sense that I used it, but you wouldn’t want to use it.


You lucky guy!
All I could get in Italy for my 6502 homebrew (a couple years later) was a 6847 controller, with a stunning 256×192 resolution.

Uphill both ways, and snowing. Ça va sans dire…


Very Shadowrun-esque.


How can something that run Doom not run a GUI? You could run full featured GUIs on 64 K, 1 MHz machines

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I don’t see “custom PCB” as a bonus. Much better if it can be built from standard off the shelf parts for repair and improving.

Also worth noting from the website:
"Low Price!

It costs $10,000 USD to build one of these
The ten thousandth one costs $15"

Definitely not a DIY project for my budget!

Heck, Doom arguably IS a GUI. Remember this?

But yeah, I can’t imagine how this thing wouldn’t run X with a keyboard-only window manager.


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