A beautiful ghost rainbow


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Stay off the Moors!


Rannoch Moor north of Glasgow, Scotland.

That’s technically correct, I suppose, in the same way as Edinburgh is north of London, but it just sounds weird. Rannoch Moor is about 100 miles (2.5 hours, perhaps) north-west of Glasgow; that’s about an eighth of the entire length of Great Britain.


I suppose even rainbows die and return to drain the life force of the living.

If a leprechaun lives at the end of a live rainbow, what horror lives at the end of an undead rainbow?


trump & minions


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trump & minions


I have never seen one of these. Added to bucket list!


Although rainbows have been explained to me many times they still seem like magic. Somehow unfamiliar magic is more impressive than familiar magic.



I will not be threatened by a walking meatloaf!


My guess is they’re solidified…so you wind up bumping your head.


Forget the rainbow, there must be THOUSANDS of BABY SEALS in that picture. Incredible!


Whaddafuck does “quantum mechanics” have to do with it? This is standard geometrical optics. The raindrops are small so they diffract light as well as refract it.


I have my own photo of one of those, taken many years ago. Not quite as cool as this one but I’m happy as these are not often seen.

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