A better vanish technique

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Oh great. Now we’re helping the Secret Police be more effective at disappearing people.

Thanks, O’BoingBoing.

Swish… and… flick!
Swish… and… flick!


Is he trying to encourage new magicians?


Magic tricks without detailed explanations are like novels without their final chapters.


I fucking hate magic. I have exactly zero interest in being “awed” and “mystified”. However, I’m fascinated by the mechanics of how the trick is done, but every fucking magician – including my husband, who was a magic geek as a kid* – says “oh no, a magician never reveals his secrets”.

*but thankfully isn’t anymore, or I would have strangled him years ago

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so, why the two prior taps? Why not just the tap that vanishes?
Hey, there’s a book title for you. The Tap That Vanishes. A story about being used, being lost, and plumbing.


Oh. My. God. His shoes are totally gone!

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I love the magic posts. Keep them coming!

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