A brilliant Justified strings together seemingly infinite conflicts in a pressure cooker


In reruns, will this show be Justified and Ancient?

a shootout against a massive automatic rifle

I do believe that was a shotgun (which tend not to have rifled barrels).

ETA: http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/AA-12

This was among the best episodes on Justified ever. You know you’re watching a good show when you want to go n for another 2 hours.

The writers have to have a secret seance pipeline to the spirit of Dutch Leonard.

So much action in so little time. What was the body count for this episode? 6? (Curley Canuck, Paxton, Deputy Sheriff, Elias, the Haitian, …and Hot Rod Dunham by Cousin Jimmy (offscreen))

Art is a badass. Raylan:

“See? I taught you something.”

“That is one hella gun!”
-“I noticed.”

I looked. Alan Tudyk’s name is not in the credits?

“Mikey here is your hairdresser.”
-“Step outside. I’ll give you a clip.”

“Picker,” John Kapelos is really Greek.

We got the Boyd “susprize!” for Paxton. I think the blood spatter would show that he wasn’t entirely in the bed.

I just knew that when Ava was going to walk tomorrow morning that something would happen. I figured she’d be killed. So who is behind Eva getting set up?

“Art, the agent at the airport wasn’t Barkley.”

I think Art knew. Art has previously implied he knows what Raylan isn’t telling him. Raylan, you couldda kept that to yourself.

“Damn! You blew out my ears.”

If Picker knew where Elias was holed up, why didn’t he move on him? Elias was looking to take Picker out.

I know. Art interrupted and took Picker away, but Elias knew about the meet. Was he supposed to meet with the crew there?

I mixed up Elias and the other Canadian thug played by Dave Foley. I was thinking that Elias was the other Canadian. Now it makes more sense why the Will Sasso Canadian didn’t know him.


This is good then, is it? i might give it a whirl. At the minute, I’m watching ‘Braquo’, which is like a French version of the Shield, I guess (only it makes the Shield look like sesame St.). Utterly nihilistic, no moral compass whatsoever and ridiculously violent. And the lead character looks like a villainous Inspector Clouseau. I heartily recommend it.

Thanks for the spoiler!

Art has off camera time with Picker before Picker is interrogated.

Art worked really hard to get some time with Picker.

Did Art work really hard to get time with Picker to find out if Raylan was there or did he work really hard to get time with Picker to make it clear he wasn’t there?

Great episode. By the way, Art et al., are stationed in Lexington, not Louisville.

When Art first heard that Nicky owned a fed from Kentucky, he was on the case, and thought, maybe only hazily, that it could be Raylan. I think that when Art heard that a fed was there at the airport when Nicky was killed, that’s where Art thought THAT could have been Raylan, because Raylan was off duty and suspended at the time.

We’ve had a few cases where it was strongly hinted that Art knew more than Raylan was telling him, like when the money disappeared from the evidence room. In that case, Art said to Raylan, “You don’t want to tell me more.”

“There is only one US Marshall in Kentucky. I’m the Chief Deputy Marshall.”

Why haven’t we ever met Art’s boss, THE US Marshall of Kentucky?

An article titled “Episode 5 recap” has spoilers!

Of all the shows on all the networks, why does this one get a BB recap? I could never get excited by it.

Great episode. Boyd was chilling and I loved the cameos from Tudyk and Strong. But I really, really hate the dragging out of Ava in prison. It was so obvious that it was coming, it just frustrates. I’d love to see Ava, Mara, and Boyd in a room together. The hate-off between the three of them would be great.

Because Mara doesn’t seem the type to flee town right away, despite being smart and calculating a few episodes ago.

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