A Clam the Size of Your Head

Ok, now I’m hungry. That looks delicious.

Oh, and BTW, clams have like, 3 nerves. Don’t sweat this for the cruelty.

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They certainly aren’t high on my list for ‘suspected capacity for subjective suffering’ but isn’t it a trifle unfair to dismiss a ganglion as a ‘nerve’?


Isn’t bringing Godwin’s law into the discussion, when nobody talked about Nazis, kinda flimsy itself…?
The point was, you displayed a kind of reasoning, that reminded me of what we know about the train of thought pro-slavery persons seemed to have.
The “quality” of suffering in animals may not be the same or as complex as in humans (eg collective historically traded suffering) but dismissing their suffering (to various degrees and capabilities) as simply “well, that’s what they’re here for” just seems unreasonable and cold.

My point wasn’t defining what “natural order” is or isn’t but rather to show, that humans can flash natural order the finger, if they decide to act against it.
If technological advancements like flying in planes can become part of the N.O., than I’m sure extending compassion to animals can too.

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What a chowderhead!

Kinda surprised nobody here made a ‘your mom’ joke here

Fair enough, but I also didn’t feel like going into a full thread-derail with a debate about the nociception-pain-trauma spectrum.

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