Tender arthropod: mama centipede cradles her young


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You just gave HR Geiger nightmares


This. A thousand times this.


So this is what the heebie-jeebies feel like.


Ugh that is the thing of nightmares in general. We have giant carnivorous centipedes in Venezuela and i had to deal with a few that got into the house. They are very unpleasant to deal with.


I dunno, looks kinda tasty…


We need a new tag:



That’s sweet and adorable, but not quite as nice as the vinageroon.

She gives rides to tiny squidlets! (a group of which should be called a squad, by the way)


The only reason we get freaked out over say the seal hunt and not shrimp fishing = seals are cute. If they looked like the centipede mama up there? Ha!


Why would I click through??? Come on brain, WHY???

Time to update the greesemonkey script:
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The whole crushing the skull with a sharp hammer to preserve the pelt is sort of a downer too. But my understanding is most legal sealing is done with firearms. As long as hunting laws are followed and no species are hunted to endangerment, sealing is no worse than slaughtering cattle.


Its all done these days with a rifle, but oh do those films from the 80s make their rounds, and yes, its no more or less bloody and cruel than any slaughter house. But we ban seal products and eat veal… funny that. :wink:

Side note: the cod’s back! There’s talk of reopening some fisheries in the near future!


I’m actually not a fan of veal. Just tastes stringy to me.


Tastes like nothing to me! I like more MEAT flavour in my meat. Buffalo, Bison, grass fed beef. I want to taste the iron! Milk fed veal… is… meh.


What’s that internet? You say you want an arthropod with the legs of a large spider but in centipede numbers? One that eats other insects and leaves the plants in your garden alone, but which you kill anyway to deter any alien visitors? Meet your friendly neighborhood house centipede…


As George Carlin asked: Who decided that lobsters looked good to eat? Nobody would eat them if they looked like puppies!


I leave those guys alone! They’re the good guys! Unlike the slugs in my veg garden. On them I unleash a reign of holy terror!


Likewise. My cats, however, do not share my détente policy. As such, anything with many legs tends to loose some if they come into the open.


Without further exploration, it’s though to tell the scale in the photo. Are they curled inside a cup or a 44 gallon trash barrel?

Somebody stick their arm in the photo for scale.