DNA proves the amazing "tree lobster" insect still alive after 100 years of supposed extinction


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so does it taste like lobster? it doesn’t really look like lobster. how much more convenient if we could grow these bigger instead of fishing lobsters out of the sea.


Unless I missed something, the lobster populations are booming, and lobster fishing isn’t particularly harmful a practice to other species.


"tree lobster"

Good name for a band.


This is all backward. Those are not tree lobsters. Lobsters are sea insects.


Prices are good right now. A facebook acquaintance posted a huge lobster she had for dinner up in Maine. The meal only cost her 12 bucks.


I’ve heard it said that when the first european settlers came to the new england area, lobsters and crabs were so plentiful that they didn’t eat em generally, they used them as fertilizer. Only the poor ate lobsters. Then WWII came around and so many meats and so on were rationed, but lobsters were not. So chefs started getting creative w lobsters and movie stars were shown enjoying delicious sea insects, err I mean lobsters. Hence the current feeling that lobster is a rich man’s food (ignore lobster rolls at your own peril). hmmmm, maybe I should use this thing I heard about called 'the goggle?" for searching the interwebs?



Dear @Carla_Sinclair, thank you so very much for italicising and not only correctly capitalising, but also abbreviating the species names.

I am serious. This sets you apart.

a biologist


I’ve long said that if shrimp, lobsters & such were land animals… we would NOT eat them.


Success? Was this anything but chance? Then who has succeeded?


supposed extinction - Album Name


Yeah, like grasshoppers.


Ball’s Pyramid is my favorite scary-looking island.



I’ve done my best this summer to help…really I have.


“[L]ess than 1 percent difference”, so approximately the genomic difference between humans and chimps, yes?


Bad news for people with gout!


I think gout sufferers will be all right as long as a weirdly specific Zombie Apocalypse scenario doesn’t come to pass.


A crayfish escaped the walk-in once and chased a dishwasher out of the prep. room.
It’s not a joke, I just thought everyone needed to know.