A classic instructional cartooning book


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OMG, I have this book from 1982. My first art instruction book. Excellent!

I have this book, inherited from my mother. It’s excellent!

I have this book and it is EXCELLENT! When I was in grade 3-5, I thought I can draw comics, just can’t write them. Then I got How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way and decided I can write comics I just can’t draw them…

Now I can’t find my file of old comics. My 3 other comic creating friends went on to be musicians and an accountant. My writing career remains on hold.

“It’s easy to like cartoons. It’s hard to draw them (at least something better than stick figures).”



Uh huh. Best that.

I have most if not all of his books. It’s also a great catalog of examples in the use of steel pen and brush, which really adds character to the line.

I bought a few of his books 25 or 30 years ago and agree that they are excellent. You can find used copies fairly cheap.


I’ve had this book forEVer! I even covered the cover in contact paper so it would last longer. It was one of the best instructional books I came across as a kid in the early '80s hoping to grow up to be a cartoonist one day…

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