A cop thought he could intimidate a bike rider. Big mistake

Cop: “Tell me exactly where.” That’s when the cop first puts his hand on his club and even pulls it out a bit. Fucking fascist dickhead.

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White and lucky. Cops are racist fucks and disproportionately kill and harm POC, but they also kill and maim plenty of white folks with impunity, too. Some folks are more safe than others, but also, no one is safe as long as cops are around.


Cops do love to make up laws that they think should be true, and they have no compunction about arresting people based on that delusion (even when they know no such law exists). Bikes and skateboards seem to be a particular focal point for imaginary laws, presumably because it either annoys them personally or they get complaints. I recollect a co-worker being stopped by the police for being on a sidewalk, and told that it was illegal to ride there. They seemed unaware that the city-marked legal bike lane in the block ahead was on the sidewalk.

Yeah, that really struck me. “This kid’s disagreeing with me, have to start being threatening!”

Of course, the cop couldn’t tell him where it said he couldn’t, but suddenly he cares about it when challenged…


“That’ll keep people from complaining to me and I won’t come talk to you,” i.e. I’d rather harass you than explain the law to uninformed complainers.

All of the times I’ve been arrested (while picketing or protesting) the case has been thrown out because what I was doing was legal. One of my lawyers used to say that this was how you know we live in a police state, which he defined as a place where police can arrest you any time for any reason. I later relayed this opinion to my sister, a federal prosecutor who at one time had herself been involved in protests (eg Grant Park in '68); she did not seem completely on board with the definition.


Well, what time of day was it?

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Who is most often on bikes or skateboards? Kids or young adults usually healthy and lean, having fun without a (cop perceived) care in the world. Cop is older, less agile and defines fun as harassing others. I often wonder if some element of jealousy isn’t involved. I remember being a carefree kid, it was fun to play and use a body that doesn’t ache and slow me down. Could be the cop is just concerned about public welfare though, I guess it could happen…



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Not all, but #MCAB


That cyclist is a got damed hero. Hope that s—stain cop didn’t go off and harass someone else to feel better about their pathetic little life. ACAB.


I’d love to read a story of two about piece of trash cops getting their asses folded over by a federal judge out on a bike ride. Heck make that a TV series or something.

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Eleventy seven?

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If its between 10pm and 10am can you go as fast as you like?

I recognize it is not on you to interpret the law for us. But it does seem to be a loophole.

As for why the cop was harassing, while we may not know the time we can be sure that the day had a Y in it.


The cops that aren’t don’t stay cops for long.


Fewer people around, I suppose.

You don’t know what time it was.

Outside of the hours where a specific law applies to that specific place the standard law on operating a bike would apply so it is unlikely there would be specific bicycle speed limit outside of that time.

Likely late afternoon, judging by the longer shadows and all the little kids running around. Long shadows are either early or late in the day, more small kids with parents pushes the probability towards “later in the day.”

Also, the PF Chang’s behind them on the Esplanade faces southwest, and the terraces in front of PF Chang’s are on the southwest side, and the sun is in their faces when the restaurant is behind them, meaning it’s late afternoon.

So while I don’t know exactly the time of day, I can make some pretty good guesses.

The clip is about 6 years old. The time of day question comes up a lot.


you have to put the paint in the pot