A crypto primer in the form of Ikea instructions

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Damn, I hate to be this guy. I think you meant “elusive”.

Excellent illustration! Looking forward to digging into the rest.

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Nope. I’m still just as confused. I’ll just have to hope SSL still works.


I’m sorry, but I find these things baffling. I get the impression you must understand public key cryptography first (which I don’t) to make sense of the visuals. Creating instructions that work without using language is a worthy goal, but in practice Ikea Pix frequently complicate and slow down the process of building your furniture. Okay, this plank has three dots in the picture so it must be this one…wait, it has two dots on the other side and this doesn’t have two holes…which way is forward again?..the “insert screw” line seems to point somewhere there isn’t a hole…etc. ad infinitum.

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Yay, a proper use of the word crypto! :dancer::man_dancing::woman_cartwheeling:

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Thanks! Fixed.


Needs more of this guy…


It’s spelled krüptø.

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