A data-broker has been quietly selling realtime access to your cellphone's location, and they suck, so anyone could get it for free

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The fact that this company exists and that they are so technologically inept at protecting privacy is much less surprising and concerning to me than the law that allows it to exist.

It’s absurd, even in these times and political climate, that the carriers are allowed to sell our location to anyone, especially to private companies who don’t even have an ostensible public benefit mission like law enforcement.


V O T E everybody


I’m shocked! SHOCKED! Ok, well, no, I’m not.


Securus also runs prison inmate phone ripoff services.

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Y’know, when data privacy laws have been found to be necessary (first in the 70s in a German Land, if memory serves, but I don’t remember which one - others have followed elsewhere in western Europe), it was primarily to prevent government outreaches, but they immediately included provisions that applied to intrusions by private entities.

For some reason, the United States failed to think of the latter.

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