A delightfully odd kinetic sound and word making machine


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“…from complete chaos.” well some sort of normally distributed ‘chaos’. (“A histogram! A histogram! My kingdom for a histogram”)


Can we adopt this word into English, please?


“Hey honey, I bought a new, uh, executive toy.”

And that, boys and girls, was the last anyone ever heard from Mr. Foyle.


We have. The Romans thought foreigners all said, “ba ba ba ba,” and so called them “barbarus.”


Minor pedantry: the word originated with the ancient Greeks. But the Romans looted most of their culture from the Greeks, so close enough for government work.


Come to think of it, I can remember my Greek instructor telling that story. About Greeks. And barbarian Thracians.


The Romans certainly spread its use. Hence the Barbary Coast, among other examples.


Not not the same meaning as “balabol”: someone who talks a lot without much sense, one who lies, a big mouth.

I suppose we we could use “Trumpian”.



That’s great, but we need to distinguish the Basic Bialinovich from the Basic Beheltif. Let’s do tetevozvoz, range talker, demagogue, and charlatodo?
The build quality on the motorgan is nice too, but the sound on this first one brings it a little higher.

Foyle look, just say you bought Fox News and wait for the Murdochs to come snooping, no need to call it an executive toy in so many words.


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