A drone's eye view of Syria's destruction


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God damn


What the fuck!


I find the presence of the occasional untouched building especially chilling, like the mosque at 0:57. It shows that the destruction was deliberate, that the artillery could have spared any specific building but didn’t.


Can’t we ship our bellicose politicos into the middle of the area and leave them there to enjoy the landscape?


Why would it? Enemy is in building A, hit building A. They move to building B, hit building B. It isn’t like they took out each one at the same time.


Not only that, but the abhorrent notion that it’s somehow fine to bomb people and their residences, but the places where imaginary beings are worshipped must be spared. Psychopaths.


A family member who was in the Pacific during the second world war talked about traveling through a city that, after the American “liberation,” had been completely destroyed - except for the brewery.

Actually, it kind of is. Homs is infamous for the Syrian army engaging in indiscriminate shelling of the city after some of their soldiers were killed at a checkpoint. Weeks of bombardments (that deliberately targeted civilians) until there was nothing left - no rebels and no civilians who might give aid to rebels. It definitely was not a case of individual buildings being specifically targeted because there were enemy soldiers in them.


“Damn refugees should just go back to where they came from.”


I know what will fix this: let’s bomb it some more! It’s a winning strategy.


Good one :wink: And I thought I was the one who could make easily misunderstood cynical comments.

But indeed, let’s save this movie to show to everybody who use that phrase or same alike…


Just bomb them back together - I think there’s a setting in the warhead


That setting just releases leaflets of Halliburton, offering rebuilding contracts.


All while trying to avoid the “misplace billions in cash” button in between


That’s a built-in function. You don’t have to activate it manually.


It looks like the video is private. Does anyone have a link to a mirror?


Is it bad that when I look at that image, my first thought is that I want to scavenge for bottlecaps?


Not necessarily true.

This is the center of Freiburg shortly after Operation Tigerfish in the 2nd world war.

The nearly untouched church was actually the target mark for the bomber fleet - sure, WW2 tech and carpet bombing; but I think it’s even with modern weapons not unlikely that some buildings in a shelled area are untouched. no intent needed.


The same thing happened in Japan with the Imperial Palace grounds in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya Castles. They were used as aiming points. All 3 cities were more or less burned to the ground except for those areas.


Quotation marks can be the difference between life and death on a BBS like this :wink:

Definitely puts things in perspective though. I’ve visited the “jungle camp” in Calais, for all that it’s a shithole I’d say conditions there might be marginally better than they look in this video.