A farmhouse shrine to obsolete computers




Wow. I wish that I could visit there. Old computers are awesome.

Those things belong in a museum, not a barn. (cue the ending of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”)


Jim was one of my favourite lectures when I was at York, very entertaining, although prone to 45 minute digressions which meant the actual course material often got skipped :smile:

I knew he collected old kit (he used to bring in things like magnetic core memory for lectures) but I never realised he had quite so much.


Nice! :slight_smile: The article is incorrect in saying Aphex has a Cray tho; he described in interview/s a modular synth setup which resembles a Cray in that it’s a circle of racks which he operates from the centre of - http://www.extremetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/cray-2-computer-system.jpg


That is the University of York, not York University (Toronto), right?


" And I’ve got the sheds, so I just put them in"


Putting them in sheds has the benefit of upgrading them – each GUI-less hulk of old Big Iron now sports a complement of fully functional mice.


Yep, the Yorkshire one :slight_smile:


Also: Bruce Damer’s Digibarn:



Now to be known as Jim “four sheds” Austin.


Nice, he even has a hollerith, albeit one in very poor condition. I’m reading IBM and the Holocaust at the moment for anyone interested in that kinda thing.


You can visit if you’re in the area (about 20 miles east of York, UK). Drop Jim an email. There are people around most Saturdays.


Yeah, it’s almost entirely rust, I’m afraid. I’ve suggested lowering it into a bath of oil to make a Damien Hurst-style installation. :slight_smile:


Why not, i can see that working with some fancy lights in the bottom. Anything to stop further deterioration and more attractive than slathering a load of grease all over it i suppose.


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