A First: from space, NASA spots a single methane leak from Earth's atmosphere


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That must have been one fantabulous fart!


Headline is very confusing. The methane isn’t leaking from the Earth’s atmosphere, it’s leaking from the surface.


Taco Bell released a statement apologizing, promising to keep the door shut from now on.


In other news Congress quickly introduces legislation to slash NASA’s Earth Sciences budget even more. I’m only half joking. it will probably happen.


If methane leak can be seen from space, that’s bad for the environment, isn’t it? I mean, doesn’t that put it on a list with the Great Wall of China? And it’s a pretty short list?


That’s a very good point.
We shall call this new world wonder the Death Plume.



You cannot see the Great Wall from space. This myth has some serious legs though, and I remember being taught this in school growing up.

The thing to take from this is we’ve developed methods useful for surveying methane emission sources from orbiting satellites in the future. This was a successful test of the detection technology.


So this methane plume is greater than the Great Wall off China? Well that makes me feel much better.


The Great Wall of China is not the only man made object visible from space.

On his trip around John Glenn reported seeing the wake of a ship, so it’s not like this stuff has to be massive.


So which facility is it?


I’m assuming the Oklahoma Fracking Fields…


Thank you!

(Release the hounds!)


I was wrr wrr wrrrr wrrong…
It was the big methane leak from the storage facility in Los Angeles County.


Hounds! Hounds! . . . Wait!! Other way!! Other! Way! :frowning:



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