A game designer explains the success of QAnon, in terms of game design

Realistically? There is no way to target Qanon believers to “reeducate them”, without making things far worse. Cleaning up the internet, disrupting the economic models of all scammers is the only way to deal with this. Otherwise, the whole scam just regroups elsewhere, mutates its product a bit, and keeps going.

Turning the “wild west” internet into a calm, boring, reliable syatem to do legitimate business, is the only way forward. And lots of edgelord programmers are going to hate it.

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There’s still two months for Trump to arrest Hillary for eating pizza, but if I wanted to bait Qdroids I’d ask them why Trump hasn’t initiated The Storm to arrest all the Satanic pedophile cannibals in Hollywood. Was he really one of the bad guys all along?

However, the real trick is going to be announced Real Soon - it turns out that because there are too many of them to count, Trump had his trusty secret assistant Mueller and the patriotic sheriff of LA County put The Entire County of Los Angeles under Double Secret Felony Conviction. And since felons can’t vote, all those 10 million votes for Biden? Don’t count, so Trump really won California, and their 55 electoral votes push him way over the top. Watch The Skies!

(Have any cryptographers broken the QAnon tripcodes? I googled for them, and after checking out today’s Benoit Mandlebrot doodle which led me down an infinitely deep rabbit hole and back up again, it turns out that they’re just 8-character passwords used for a hash. Shouldn’t be hard to brute force, and then it’s a matter of flooding the boards with large volumes of bogus Q messages.)

Many times, but the Watkins are the gatekeepers of “true” verses hacked Q.


What you describe is both realistically and completely unfeasible, and borders impossible.

There are a lot of things we could do to make the internet better but you are not suddenly going to turn concept like this into anything other than a police reality if you even think it’s possible to stop people being stupid on the internet.

Exactly. People keep trying to group conspiracy theories into “harmless” and “not harmless”. They are all harmful. They’re like viruses- just because some haven’t yet made it out of a few villages in Africa doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. QAnon getting tied to Trump was the COVID patient zero getting on an airplane to NYC.

Believing in ghosts, aliens abductions, astrology or anything else demonstrably false undermines our ability to solve hard problems as a society. The hard problems require everyone to agree on a model of reality and move in the same direction. Science is the only model of reality that works.

I say it a lot here lately, but irrationality is what will kill us all. COVID, climate change, and QAnon are just the vectors.


In case anyone hasn’t read this before:


Which should often be read side by side with this un:


A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

Science is the only model of reality that works.

Lol I don’t know where I am in the thread of very serious things vouchsafed by @anansi133 (I play a Trickster Spider God on TV, but in real life…) but faking it with kindness, a gaming cosmopolitan take on fallacy (honesty to beat chance?), and/or shiny new hardware (tiny AI chips by Maxim, take my tiny plane pilotwheel; Hindawi U. Risc32 platform fun, sort it; Apple M1 even emulating x686, pimp the MacRumors-suggestible mathemagician from Dec. 2 on) has something to be favored also.

Aaaanyhow, there’s this thread from Rop Gonjgrijp who found themselves the Candy central to recent Qhem: https://twitter.com/rop_g/status/1328571676657934338
(And a Dutch Indian in the first place.)


And there is our problem. Humans are just really bad at being rational.
I do what I can where I am with what I have, but, you know…

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Life, in general, is.

Definitely- it’s a learned skill and a high energy mental state to stay skeptical and rational. Nobody can do it all the time, and everyone needs to be taught to do it. Nobody is born knowing math, poetry, or music either, but we teach those things and people work at them because we see they are valuable. We just need critical thinking to be viewed the same way: as a valuable skill everyone should be taught and try to do as much as they can.


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