A great brief video introduction to consciousness and its myriad mysteries

The intersection between past and future.

Sounds holographic.

“This should be good” - My consciousness subvocalising a thought, that it has already reconstructed into formal English, to itself.

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Improbable happens too, just not so often.

Ok maybe but the article is about what is consciousness and no one will ever dispute that humans have a higher functioning level than animals. Just because someone wants to call it theory of mind does not change this fact.

“Theory of mind” is not another term for consciousness. If you have a theory of mind, you understand that other thinking beings may have knowledge, intentions, preferences, etc. different from yours. The experiment goes something like this: a child puts a toy in a box and leaves the room. Another child comes in, takes the toy, and puts it in a cupboard. The first child then comes back in. If you then ask a third child who’s witnessed all this “Where does the first child think the toy is?”, the answer you get depends on whether the child is old enough to have developed a theory of mind (typically somewhere about three years old, IIRC). If the witnessing child has developed a theory of mind, they will say “In the box”; if not, they will say “In the cupboard”: they don’t grasp that knowledge available to them isn’t available to all.

The video (and I confess I got a little lost this point) seems to suggest that either a theory of mind is necessary for consciousness, or that consciousness is necessary for a theory of mind, or that the two are connected in some other way.

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